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Craft ideas using various materials and techniques with Islamic theme to it Insya-Allah.

Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam Stained Glass Craft

Here is another simple craft that Insha-Allah has been prepared for the upcoming Maulidur Rasul program at our local mosque.

This is a craft to reinforce the concept that Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam is our guiding light.

It is a quicker version of my other stained glass crafts featured here and we made similar ones for last Ramadhaan and Eid.


1. Print the WRONG SIDE template (Page 1) from the attachment below onto a overhead transparency.

Muhammad (SAW) Stained Glass Template

The page has two templates. Cut along the outer frame.

2. Cut 1 inch strips out of card stock, I used black. Glue down the strips to the transparency template with the right side facing up to create a frame.

3. Colour the template using PERMANENT MARKERS on the right side up. In Canada, they are commonly known as Sharpie markers. This is just a brand, BiC is another option.

You can use regular markers, however the colours will not be vivid.

Please note that it is important that you colour on the right side facing up. The felt of the markers will scrape off the print if you did in on the wrong side. This is why I flipped the template for printing purpose.

Once the colouring is done, the frame can be attached to a window. You can enjoy it this was.

Muhammad (SAW) Stained Glass 1


You can opt to attach a piece of crumpled up kitchen foil to the back of the frame. This gives the frame a more permanent glow. We are Insha-Allah doing this, to allow the children to hang the craft anywhere and not just limited to windows.

Muhammad (SAW) Stained Glass

I have included a regular page to the template (Page 2). Those who are not keen on the above craft idea, can use this page as a colouring page.

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Family Tree of Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam

This is a simple craft designed for younger children for a Maulidur Rasul program we are about to have in our local masjid here in Calgary. Since we are working with many children, I have designed templates that will allow us to precut all parts. That will leave just the assembling of the actual tree on the day of the program.


1. Print the tree trunk template below.

Tree Trunk Template

Trace the shape onto a card stock. I used a cereal box.

Cut out the trunk and the stand part. Cut along the dotted line. Slide the two pieces in the opposite direction to create a 3D tree.

You can colour the trunk with markers as I did.

2. Print the names to go on the family tree below.

Rasulullah(SAW) Family Tree Template

You can print these straight onto a card stock if you prefer.

Cut out the names, colour if you want to and glue to the branches of the tree. In the finished tree below I have just used randomly cut pieces with names written on them as this was my test craft.

I have also included two extra circles in the template for those who want to add on.

3. Decorate tree with more leaves just randomly cut from a green construction paper.

The finished tree.

Rasulullah (SAW) Family Tree Craft


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Mixed Media Ka’abah Art

This is an artwork the three boys and I made yesterday. It is made using mainly recycled material.

Mixed Media Ka'abah

The size is 2 X 2 feet. After having made a simple sketch for the picture, I set off collecting the materials that I wanted to use. I had these on hand as I keep aside recycled stuff for craft.

Material of Mixed Media Ka'abah

The base which a particle board was $1 from our local RONA (a Canadian hardware store). They do have scrap pieces of material and will cut to size upon request. The caps are from milk jugs. Some can lids, a no-sharp can opener will keep them safe to handle. Corrugated cardboard from packaging. Craft sticks. Some glossy magazine paper (not in picture) for the background.

I also had some white and black spray paint. I purchased a primer for the particle board.

P1050287P1050285I started of by priming the particle board and spray painting the can lids black and bottle caps white.

P1050291Dividing the board right down the middle, we created ground and sky with glossy magazine paper. We used diluted white glue to adhere the paper to the particle board. This was left to dry overnight.

I do not have pictures of the next steps, but this is how it went.

1. Creat mountains using corrugated cardboard. Glue them down.

2. Create Ka’abah on a black pice of cardstock using black spray painted can lids and craft sticks. Glue in down.

3. Add people making tawaf by gluing white spray painted milk jug lids.

Here is a more detailed picture of what went where.

Materials used in Ka'abah Mix Media ArtAlhamdulillah, our Ka’abah is sitting on our mantle. Instantly creating a hajj season atmosphere.

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Glow in the dark – Maulidur Rasul craft (gone wrong)

Couple of weeks ago Ibraheem (10) and I set out to do a glow in the dark jar that I found on Sounded straight forward and we had all the materials.

What they don’t mention, and I was not aware of, is that there is a glass vial within the plastic tube. We found out the hard way, ouch! Cutting a glow stick should never be recommended.

Upon searcing the net, I came across people using glow in the dark acrylic paints to create a similar effect.

Since we are in the month in which our beloved Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam was born, I felt this craft would be great to support and reinforce that Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam was a light from Allah, a light that guides us in the dark. He Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam was a mercy to the worlds.

” . . . There has come to you a light from Allah and a clear Book,”[Quran: 5:15]

“Indeed, in this [Quran] is notification for a worshipping people. And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.” [Quran: 21:106-107]

NOTE: This idea was inspired by Sister A. She made me set up a tent, and cover it with layers of blanket last year in our Musalla. Children took turns going into the pitch dark tent. She then turned on a flashlight, using it as an analogy of how Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam is our guiding light.

I made a stencil and we used it to apply glow in the dark acrylic paint onto our jar. The picture shows the type and brand of paint we used for each jar.

Glow in the dark jar

The children tested it in a dark closet and the jars did not glow as bright. My poor boys were patiently applying layer upon layer of paint to make the jars really glow. They wanted these jars to be night lights as well. Sadly the didn’t glow as bright.
Alhamdulillah, besides this project we have been reading the seerah and listening to story CDs that covers the era before the blessed birth of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam and his actual birth story. They children understood the concept of how Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam was sent to guide us.
Ilyaas (5) was truly disappointed with the not-so-glowing jar. Finally, I threw in a LED tea light that illuminated the jar beautifully.
I also found this CraftBuster post (what a great idea to weed out hoax crafts!) at Little Pink Monster with more details on how glow in the dark jars really work.
Our jars did not glow, but I hope these efforts will embed the glow of our Deen in my children’s hearts, Insha-Allah.

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Hajj – kids craft

Crafts we did just this past hajj season.

Hajj Mobile



These were made using Smart Ark hajj activity print out. While Ilyaas (5) and Zakariyya (4) coloured, we had the opportunity to discuss the various hajj rituals. We attached the picture to paper plates cut into half.

In the first picture we used strings to glue the pictures onto. In the second one, we used pipe cleaners and stapled the pictures. The pipe cleaner option was better in that the pictures always faced up when it was pinned to the wall.

Hajj Wheel

This was another craft we made using the instructions and template from The Muslim Connection hajj page.

Hajj Lego Diorama

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 11.15.09 AM

This was Ibraheem’s (10) project. Again building each location gave us time to have a conversation of the origin and significance of each act of hajj.

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Lego Mosque

I registered Ibraheem (9) for a Lego contest at our local library. The rule was to build something that was not bigger than 2X2 feet and not something that came out of a kit.

Ibraheem was so excited about the whole affair. He researched, imagined and planned some brilliant designs. He set out to build this super aircraft. Something that looked like it was out of a Star Wars movie.

Subhanallah, he did build an aircraft . . . that got promptly shot down by the evil forces a.k.a two younger brothers. The younger boys just could not keep their hands of it!

After several days of being awfully sad and frustrated about the whole affair, Ibraheem’s mind switched into its default setting. “I am gonna build a masjid!” he announced. Alhamdulillah this was what he created.

Ibraheem's Lego masjid

Masjid dome

We did not have similar colour blocks to create a uniform dome. The instructions for the dome was from the YouTube video below.


It was wonderful to see all of the quite imaginative creation that was displayed. The child who won the contest, built a multi teared treehouse like structure with all sorts of Lego man running around in it. It was some sort of war zone.

As for Ibraheem, he was proud of what he had built. He represented his creation well and answered questions from viewers and judges quite confidently. He was analysing all the other creations there for ideas and is geared up to enter another competition. When we got home, he was duly rewarded $10 by his Papa for his efforts :)


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Kaabah & Hujjaj Craft

I had planned and prepared for activities around the hajj theme during last year’s Zulhijjah month. However, I did not actually do many of the things I had hoped to do. Allah is the best of planners.

Alhamdulillah, we still did a few activities. This is one that centered around the Kaabah.

The templates for the mini kaabah craft was from Jannah Steps. I printed several copies so that we could paste the upper border around the box. We used a cereal box for this craft.

Ilyaas painting the 'Kaabah"

We read books about the story of Ibraheem (AS) and Ismail (AS) building the Kaabah. We also looked up of some images of the Kiswah covering on the internet.

I made up this ryhme for the boys as we put on towel ihraams and did our mock hajj.

Hajj Ryhme

We made puppets of our entire family in ihraam using templates from Jannah Steps. I printed a reduced size of the puppets for the three boys. Our puppets we glued onto toilet paper rolls.

It was hard to stop the children from just coloring the puppet’s ihraam. I took the opportunity to explain about ihraam to them. We also spoke about the difference in the male and female ihraam.

Alhamdulillah, our miniature Kaabah and family of hujjaj was displayed on our mantle.

Miniature Kaabah & hujjaj craft

 Check out Jannah Steps for more hajj themed activities and templates Insha-Allah.

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Eid Decoration

Our Eid decoration this year was displayed around our fireplace mantel. This was our first Eid in this house and the fireplace in the family room was just the right place for all the decoration to go on . . . I might have started a new Eid ritual for our family :)

Decoration for Eid over the fireplace mantel

Below are the details of the different decorations we had put up.

Lego Mosque

Ibraheem (8) made this mosque out of Lego blocks to be put on the mantel.

Eid Topiary

This started out as our good deed tree for this Ramadhan. The instructions for this project is here. The end result was a pretty topiary to be displayed on Eid day. The children we proud of themselves that the tree got filled up with flowers.

Eid topiary

Eid Wreath

This started off as an advent calendar for Ilyaas(4) and Zakariyya (2). The instructions for this is here. After 60 Hershey Kisses, 25 more cloth peg and some painted wooden letters to spell out Eid Mubarak, and Masha-Allah we had an Eid wreath.

Children adding more pegs to the charger plate

We added more peg just to give a more filled up look. I think spacing out the pegs will work too. In total we had 85 pegs.

Eid wreath made of cloth pegs and charger plate

Eid Popsicle Stick Stars

Making popsicle stick stars

This is a great project that Ilyaas(4) and Ibraheem (8) worked on. We used short popsicle sticks for this project. And the way I explained it to Ilyaas (4) was that he had to make letter “V”s.  Every time he made five “V”s, Ibraheem (8) helped him stick them all to form a star. We used tacky glue for this as the regular white glue just was not drying up quick enough for a preschooler to lift the stars and toss them around!

We then smeared glitter glue on the stars and decorated them with some stick on jewels. I also used a crescent moon wooden shape to add a little more Eid detail to the stars.

Eid popsicle stick stars


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DIY Eid Cards

Alhamdulillah this was a little project my son (8) and I did last night. We used mostly supplies that you can purchase at most dollar stores. The fanciest material we used were some embossed cardstock that was made using Cuttlebug.

This was a special card for NaniMa. He used tearing technique for the blue paper. He pasted some butterfly and flower embellishments, stickers for the word Eid and used a gold marker to highlight and fill in some details.

The pink cardstock was embossed.

Jannah Steps featured some Eid Card templates that was done by artist Melani Putri. For this card though I printed the greeting from Memelograph, Melani’s own blog. We use the same greeting in Malaysia with a slight spelling variation, so this works well.

DS1 chose to use a paper doily for this card. He then added details using gel pens that he has been getting in his advent calendar this year. He also used a craft punch to make stars as anchors for the greeting.

The centre of this card was from an Eid card template from Jannah Steps. There are embossed details on the top, middle and bottom part of this card. DS1 then highlighted them with a gold pen. He then pasted the greeting in the centre as the focus of the card.

Insha-Allah we hope these ideas and links will get others to make some Eid cards this Ramadhan as well. DS1 seems to be on a roll and wants to make more :)



Ramadhan Good Deed Tree (Topiary)

I meant to post this sooner, unfortunately just did not get around doing it.

This was a little project of mine to make it for fun (and pretty) for the children in encouraging them to perform more good deeds in this blessed month. It is basically a tree that when they do a good deed a flower blossoms. Below are the steps of making one.

Material for the tree (topiary)

You would need a flower pot, a styrofoam ball, florist foam, stick (I used a dowel) and some pipe cleaner to wrap around the stick. I had all these supplies at home except for the styrofoam ball that I purchased from a dollar store.

You would start by cutting the florist foam into shape so that it fits tight into your chosen flower pot. Then, push the stick through the florist foam making it stand out of the pot. At this point you can wrap some pipe cleaners around the stick if you want to. Lastly push through the styrofoam ball into the other end of the stick till it is about three quarters through.

Good deed tree (topiary) ready to blossom

I stuffed some tissue paper into the base of the tree to hide the florist foam. I also used some sticker letters I had to decorate the flower pot.

Material for flowers

To make the flowers, I used a die to cut out flower shapes out of card stocks. Made a little hole in the middle of the flower using a paper piercer and pushed through a coloured toothpick for stem.

Simple toothpick flowers

There are several other options for this. You can purchase precut flower shapes made out of cardstock or foam at most craft stores. Also you can purchase flower punchers to punch out flower shapes. Here are some sample flower punchers.

The idea is to reward the child a flower for a good deed. The bonus (Insha-Allah) is that there will be a fully blossomed good deed tree to put on the side table by Eid :)

Blossoms on good deed tree


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