Ramadan Scrapbook

13 Sep


Ramadhaan 2009
We decided to make a scrapbook on Ramadhaan. Purpose of this was to teach my 7 year old more about fasting and the importance of the month of Ramadhaan. Well we progressed, not as much as we would have liked to. Alhamdulillah we did quite a bit with everything else that was going on. Most of the printouts came from the various blogs run by sisters our there. And I came up with the others.
We did intend this to be a scrapbook rather than a lapbook. This was my way of getting my son to practice printing.



I tried to use a hadith for every subtopic within the bigger topic of Ramadhaan. And I picked out word that went into a “WORDBANK”. This help my son remember a lot of term that are specific to Islam.
The book that we mainly used as reference for this project : Tas-Heelul Fiqh (Fiqh Made Easy 7) by Jamiatul Ulama Taalimi Board, SA.
May Allah bless and take care of our dear Gora Papa & Gori Ma who sent us the books all the way from gorgeous South Africa – Ameen.

Lego Eid Centre Piece

Lego Eid Centre Piece

I asked my son to make something out of Lego to put on our decor ledge for Eid. He came up with a “Kaabah”. I definitely would have been great for Eidul Adha . . . but I did not want to discourage the little kid. He then just continued building the “masjid” structure that surrounds “Kaabah” and even added a plane and a “pilgrim” all clad in ihraam! It’s Eidul Fitr . . . I’m still going to display this wonderful pieces.

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