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Ibrahim AS – Tawheed

Alhamdulillah we often read books on stories of the Prophets (AS). I just thought doing a follow up activities would reinforce what we have read.

This the book we read about on how Ibrahim AS was looking for a “God”. It’s nice in that Goodword books gives references to the relevant Quranic verses.

Parent reference: Tafseer of Surah Al-An’am verses 6:75-79 from Mariful Quran (or any other Tafseer)

Activity Idea

We did this four panel clay modeling. Each panel depicts what Ibrahim AS thought to be “God”. I got this idea from a dear neighbour . . . may Allah give her hidayah.

I made them a foldable size . . . Insya-Allah hoping to make a lapbook on Ibrahim AS, we’ll be able to put in into a pocket.

This story also can be used to introduce more names from Asma Wa Al-Husna. I got these coloring pages from Easel & Ink. I just pasted them all on one page to make things easier for my son.

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Learning Colours

Our first book for this program – Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. I chose this book because DS2 is quite familiar and likes this book. My aim for this month is to work on colours and shapes. I hope use this book to introduce colours and colour words in Arabic.

Activity Idea 1: Story sequencing

I got the template for this cards from Making Learning Fun. Besides the usual story sequencing, I changed the rhyme to “Brown bear, brown bear who made you?” We talked about Allah the Creator – He is “Al-Khaliq”.

I attached magnets to the back of these. This allows us to use them on our magnetic board (or a baking pan) and change how we sequence them.

Activity idea 2: Rhyme

Brown bear, brown bear who made? Who made you?

Allah made, Allah made me and you too . . . and so on

(Tune of Where is Thumb Kin nursery rhyme). We do have a Muslim Nursery Rhyme along this line, hence the idea.

Activity idea 3: Arabic colour words

I got these from an Arabic Yahoo Group. There are many Arabic resources on Yemen Link. Unfortunately my browser hasn’t been able to open the files on this website :(. With these we have been playing colour matching and practicing colours in Arabic.

Activity idea 4 : Colour dice game

I pasted different colours onto this oversized dollar store dice. The idea is to roll the dice and point the animal with the matching colour.

Activity idea 4: Matching tail

Got this idea from 1+1+1=1. I still haven’t had a chance to get it bound. Will update.

Insya-Allah I have been reading other concept books that emphasize on colours & shapes and we are doing some crafts as well.

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Together We Read Program

The wonderful sister at A Muslim Child is Born blog has started a reading program for children between 0-5 years of age. Insya-Allah I am looking forward to participating in this program not only because I strongly believe in reading to little ones but also I want to get into discipline about doing things with my children. I have always been a fan of literature based learning. I am hoping to teach my DS2 Arabic (I am a novice) and I know that this would be a great place to get ideas and resources from!

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Muslim Rhyme – I’m a little Muslim

I’m a little Muslim – Rhyme

I made up this rhyme for my oldest son when he was about 2 and 1/2. We have sung this over and over and now I am singing it with my second son.

The rhyme is a makeover of I’m a Little Teapot of course. However I never knew how strong these words would be when I penned them. As my child was growing day by day, we started hearing more of “But why can I do that ?”. This simple rhyme was always there to help me answer those questions and not to mention keeping it short and sweet as well.

The words here are meant to focus on us; the believer, the Muslims. I am not a fan of pointing out to my children that the other party is a “kuffar” even though they very well might be a disbeliever. Everyone is a potential Muslim and the onus is on us; the Muslims to pass the message of the Prophet (SAW).

Then arises the other question “But he is a Muslim!”. Again using this simple rhyme I was always able reinforce that believing in Allah and loving the Prophet (SAW) requires one to give up certain things and be in a certain way.

Alhamdulillah by now my oldest son has gotten over it and in fact sometimes repeats this rhyme to answer his own questions. Insya-Allah it is my hope that other families will be able to benefit from this as well.


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Ramadan Good Deed Tree


Ramadan Good Deed Tree

This is a cardboard tree that we made to encourage “good deeds” during Ramadan. I first trace a tree trunk on a cardboard. Then I copied this onto another cardboard. Cut out both the tree trunk.
Make a slit in the middle from the top on one tree trunk. On the second one make a slit in the middle bottom up. Then slide the the two tree trunks into each others slit to make a 3D tree. You can put some glue to make it stronger.
I then searched the internet for some leaf template (you can trace your own if you want). Every time my son did something good a leaf “bloomed” on the tree. This tree was proudly displayed on Eid.
My son quickly caught on with this idea. It helped promote kindness to others, nice language etc. You can set some predetermined “good deeds” if you want. What I discovered was, kids look at “good deed” a whole lot different than what we might expect. Go ahead make a tree and discover it for yourself.


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