Ramadan Good Deed Tree

09 May


Ramadan Good Deed Tree

This is a cardboard tree that we made to encourage “good deeds” during Ramadan. I first trace a tree trunk on a cardboard. Then I copied this onto another cardboard. Cut out both the tree trunk.
Make a slit in the middle from the top on one tree trunk. On the second one make a slit in the middle bottom up. Then slide the the two tree trunks into each others slit to make a 3D tree. You can put some glue to make it stronger.
I then searched the internet for some leaf template (you can trace your own if you want). Every time my son did something good a leaf “bloomed” on the tree. This tree was proudly displayed on Eid.
My son quickly caught on with this idea. It helped promote kindness to others, nice language etc. You can set some predetermined “good deeds” if you want. What I discovered was, kids look at “good deed” a whole lot different than what we might expect. Go ahead make a tree and discover it for yourself.


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5 responses to “Ramadan Good Deed Tree

  1. Nurgül

    July 25, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Ramazanınız mübarek olsun dostlar. kendin yap bölümünü lütfen daha genişletin. sizi takip edip sizden öğrenmek istiyorum. el sanatları ev dekorasyonu hobiler vs. Allah’a emanet olun..


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