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Muslim Rhyme – I’m a little Muslim

I’m a little Muslim – Rhyme

I made up this rhyme for my oldest son when he was about 2 and 1/2. We have sung this over and over and now I am singing it with my second son.

The rhyme is a makeover of I’m a Little Teapot of course. However I never knew how strong these words would be when I penned them. As my child was growing day by day, we started hearing more of “But why can I do that ?”. This simple rhyme was always there to help me answer those questions and not to mention keeping it short and sweet as well.

The words here are meant to focus on us; the believer, the Muslims. I am not a fan of pointing out to my children that the other party is a “kuffar” even though they very well might be a disbeliever. Everyone is a potential Muslim and the onus is on us; the Muslims to pass the message of the Prophet (SAW).

Then arises the other question “But he is a Muslim!”. Again using this simple rhyme I was always able reinforce that believing in Allah and loving the Prophet (SAW) requires one to give up certain things and be in a certain way.

Alhamdulillah by now my oldest son has gotten over it and in fact sometimes repeats this rhyme to answer his own questions. Insya-Allah it is my hope that other families will be able to benefit from this as well.


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