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Ibrahim AS – Tawheed

Alhamdulillah we often read books on stories of the Prophets (AS). I just thought doing a follow up activities would reinforce what we have read.

This the book we read about on how Ibrahim AS was looking for a “God”. It’s nice in that Goodword books gives references to the relevant Quranic verses.

Parent reference: Tafseer of Surah Al-An’am verses 6:75-79 from Mariful Quran (or any other Tafseer)

Activity Idea

We did this four panel clay modeling. Each panel depicts what Ibrahim AS thought to be “God”. I got this idea from a dear neighbour . . . may Allah give her hidayah.

I made them a foldable size . . . Insya-Allah hoping to make a lapbook on Ibrahim AS, we’ll be able to put in into a pocket.

This story also can be used to introduce more names from Asma Wa Al-Husna. I got these coloring pages from Easel & Ink. I just pasted them all on one page to make things easier for my son.

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Learning Colours

Our first book for this program – Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. I chose this book because DS2 is quite familiar and likes this book. My aim for this month is to work on colours and shapes. I hope use this book to introduce colours and colour words in Arabic.

Activity Idea 1: Story sequencing

I got the template for this cards from Making Learning Fun. Besides the usual story sequencing, I changed the rhyme to “Brown bear, brown bear who made you?” We talked about Allah the Creator – He is “Al-Khaliq”.

I attached magnets to the back of these. This allows us to use them on our magnetic board (or a baking pan) and change how we sequence them.

Activity idea 2: Rhyme

Brown bear, brown bear who made? Who made you?

Allah made, Allah made me and you too . . . and so on

(Tune of Where is Thumb Kin nursery rhyme). We do have a Muslim Nursery Rhyme along this line, hence the idea.

Activity idea 3: Arabic colour words

I got these from an Arabic Yahoo Group. There are many Arabic resources on Yemen Link. Unfortunately my browser hasn’t been able to open the files on this website :(. With these we have been playing colour matching and practicing colours in Arabic.

Activity idea 4 : Colour dice game

I pasted different colours onto this oversized dollar store dice. The idea is to roll the dice and point the animal with the matching colour.

Activity idea 4: Matching tail

Got this idea from 1+1+1=1. I still haven’t had a chance to get it bound. Will update.

Insya-Allah I have been reading other concept books that emphasize on colours & shapes and we are doing some crafts as well.

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Together We Read Program

The wonderful sister at A Muslim Child is Born blog has started a reading program for children between 0-5 years of age. Insya-Allah I am looking forward to participating in this program not only because I strongly believe in reading to little ones but also I want to get into discipline about doing things with my children. I have always been a fan of literature based learning. I am hoping to teach my DS2 Arabic (I am a novice) and I know that this would be a great place to get ideas and resources from!

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