Ibrahim AS – Tawheed

30 May

Alhamdulillah we often read books on stories of the Prophets (AS). I just thought doing a follow up activities would reinforce what we have read.

This the book we read about on how Ibrahim AS was looking for a “God”. It’s nice in that Goodword books gives references to the relevant Quranic verses.

Parent reference: Tafseer of Surah Al-An’am verses 6:75-79 from Mariful Quran (or any other Tafseer)

Activity Idea

We did this four panel clay modeling. Each panel depicts what Ibrahim AS thought to be “God”. I got this idea from a dear neighbour . . . may Allah give her hidayah.

I made them a foldable size . . . Insya-Allah hoping to make a lapbook on Ibrahim AS, we’ll be able to put in into a pocket.

This story also can be used to introduce more names from Asma Wa Al-Husna. I got these coloring pages from Easel & Ink. I just pasted them all on one page to make things easier for my son.

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Posted by on May 30, 2010 in Qisasul Anbiya


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