Together We Read – June 2010

15 Jun

Learning Numbers 1 – 10

Insya-Allah this will be our June book for “Together We Read“. This is a counting type book with Islamic elements to it. So each two pages has counting that involves Quran, Muslim sisters, Saf; rows in salah etc.

The artwork is mostly collage and most images use the tearing technique. Definitely different and quite captivating as far as illustration goes. DS2 loves this book!

On the text itself, it’s very straightforward . . . counting objects 1 to 10. The book will give opportunities to discuss many other details of life as a Muslim. For instance making wudhu before salah, giving salaam and using miswaak. I would say this book also presents a chance to introduce various adaabs and duas. Insya-Allah I am hoping to explore these possibilities through out this month. So far these are the activities I’m working on . . .

Activity 1:

I am planning to do the similar type activity as Umm An-Nu’man with Somewhere in the Ocean book. I am Insya-Allah using her number templates. As for the pictures to go with the book, I’ve made a set here Time for Isha’s picture.

Note: These images do contain a “face”. I tried my best, unfortunately I do not have the knowledge on how to eliminate the face without distorting the original image! Appreciate advice from all of you out there. Jazak-Allah.

Activity 2

Numbering our staircase so we can become familiar with how the look and sound (both English and Arabic) while we go up and down.

Activity 3

Salat Time Puzzle from Umm An- Nu’man’s website.

Activity 4

How Many Rakaat game again from Umm An-Nu’man’s website.

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