Baking Colours

16 Jun

We made these pretty crayons as part of our colour learning, sorting activity. I got this idea from Mad in Craft. It is a good way to recycle broken crayons.

Yo can use a regular muffin pan if you don’t have a silicone one. I however chose to use a star mold. Reason, I figures it’ll be easier for a child to hold the crayon (as in picture) plus I can use the mold for Ramadan/Eid themes baking.

I purchased this mold from Michaels.

Alhamdulillah the children are feeling like “Stars” doodling away.


Posted by on June 16, 2010 in Colours, Preschool


3 responses to “Baking Colours

  1. walid17

    June 17, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Asalaam ‘Alaikum:
    We just made these last week too – but we didn’t have such a neat form pan – ours were circles. We still have many broken crayons left over and now the kids are begging to do some just like yours, masha’Allah. The kids love it!

    Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
    Sumayyah Umm SAA

    • Muslim Learning Garden

      June 17, 2010 at 10:57 am

      Waalaikummus Salaam Sister.
      Subhanallah, you’re right. These are such fun crayons. My one child now wants to make a giant star for his best friend!


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