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Hopping colours.

Further to the activities we did through Brown Bear, Brown Bear, we have been reading other books with colour as the main theme.

This is a simple book that introduces colours. It is also a great book for older children when learning about colour mixing.

Below is what we did for DS2. Colour hopping . . . keeping with the theme of the bunny and the colour pots.

These were circles cut out from foams (foam is less slippery and do last jumping). I first used about 4 colours and gradually added on. We also had the Arabic colour names on each circle to practice colours in Arabic. We spread the circles around and DS2 enjoyed hopping on to the colour pads when a colour was called out.

As for the older child learning about mixing colours . . .

We used bath fizzies. Kids love these. So we did yellow bath days, red bath days . . . then went on to mixing and making purple bath days an so on. You’ll have to drop 2 to 3 tablets to really make the colour show especially when mixing two colours.


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