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Ramadan Moon & Stars Mobile

We made this mobile using templates available on Canon Creative Park.

I used template from two different featured projects to make this mobile. You can access them from the links below.

Moon and star template.

3 stars template.

I used shopping bag ties to thread through and loop the pieces together.


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Ramadan Planner Family blog

I came across this blog while looking for something. Subhanallah they are Ramadan central for sure. They gather all resources/activities families need to make Ramadan fruitful and fun for the entire family.

Insya-Allah check out Ramadan Family Planner.

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Ramadan Splatter Art

Inspiration for this art work.

A technique DS1 learnt at an art class he took last spring. He used a regular paint brush to splatter. We’ll be Insya-Allah using an old toothbrush. Just because it creates a finer splatter effect and that’s how I learnt it as well 🙂

This is what we did.


A mosque skyline silhoutte (best cut out using a craft knife), poster paint, paint brush, an old toothbrush. (Will update with the template soon Insya-Allah).

Lay template on a coloured paper. We used little rocks to hod down the template.

Mix poster colour. Dip toothbrush into paint. Tap it to get access paint off. Using your index finger, pull bristles towards you. Splatter more around the edges of the template so that the image will be clearly outlined.

Once paint is dry. You can fill up the picture will as many details as you want Insya-Allah. Alhamdulillah these two were our finished work. And the mosque template itself looked gorgeous with all the splatter on it. Insya-Allah we are planning to mount it onto a black piece of paper and add moon and star details to it.


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Ramadan Sadaqah Boxes

Half of blessed Ramadan has left us. This is a month of giving and sharing and Alhamdulillah there is still time for that.

A local Muslim group in our city is collecting food, clothes, toys, household items etc. to be distributed to needy Muslim families.

In support of this sincere effort, in our home I have set up “Sadaqah Boxes”. Over the last week we have been going around looking for things that we might give in sadaqah. Alhamdulillah DS1 even when through his toys and picked out some to be donated. I have reminded him that he needs to give away his toys with sincerity and not ask for new toys later.

Insya-Allah the organization has given a list of food items that they need. We’ll be going grocery shopping with it. May Allah accept our sadaqah.

These Alhamdulillah were our prepared boxes. We labelled them as well. You can find some labels at Smart Ark’s fun stuff page Insya-Allah.

For DS2 I used Umm Abdul Basir’s Sadaqah Box Activity.

I made these using CD envelopes. Reenforced the top flap with card stock so I can punch hold the enveloped and use a binding ring on them.

Alhamdulillah the finished activity “envelopes”.


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Ramadan – Kids Video

My children were watching some anasheed on YouTube when I discovered these two videos.

This video is produced by One4kids that is based out of Australia. This is the company that made the Zaky videos. The graphics in this video are really fun for kids and feature kids from all around the world by the looks of it. The artist of the graphics are Amir Al- Zubi and Meliha Cicak-Al-Zubi. These are the same artist who did the “Upsy Daisy” video. You can view more of their work on the blog New Muslim Kids. I have used their wonderful coloring pages for our Ramadan Mails and even to make a jigsaw puzzle.

This video is from Abdullah Puppet. I have not heard of this one before. Nevertheless the book he reads in this video was good. Simple rhyming text and great for school attending children who need to deal with their cultural differences in school. The video also gives instructions on how to purchase the book.


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Art Print using Bok Choy

I have consumed bok choy all my life. However it was just the other day when I was cooking for iftaar that it came to me that I might just be able to use the stem for some art printing.

This is a stem of bok choy and the “rose” looking part are the bottom part of the stem. You might also came across “baby bok choy”. Basically the miniature version. Will give you a lot more stem to print with.

Close up of how the stems look like. This wiil be the actual stem that you will be applying poster colour onto.


Bottom part of bok choy stems, water colour paper, some poster colours and brushes.


1. Make a thick past of your choice of poster colour.

2. Using a paint brush, coat stems with a thick coat of paint.

3. Print on paper.

These were the results we had, Alhamdulillah.

This was DS2’s work; a 3 year old. Had loads of fun and made loads of mess :).

DS1’s (almost eight) work. He decided to add on details with a marker. He had planned to make it look like a garden when he was printing.

Mama’s work. I had to join in the fun :). I added marker pen details. Printed a Ramadan calligraphy for an add on.
Insya-Allah this print work would be great for all ages of children and you will be able to customize it according to your child’s interest and ability.

And for dinner . . .  we had a simple steamed boy choy dish.


Ramadan Sadaqah Jar and Game

“Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public have their reward with their Rabb (only God and Sustainer).  On them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” (Qur‘an, 2:274)

DS1 made his own “Sadaqah Jar” for Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah he has the intention of giving saqadah in this blessed month of Ramadan. I made up this game to make it a little bit more fun as well as educational.

Things that you need:

1 die (or you can make a spinner at this site)

A jar of loose change

How to play:

Each player takes turn to roll the die. Player takes pennies according to the number they get. If you rolled 4, then you get four pennies for example. As the game goes on, players can exchange pennies into nickel, into dime and so on. This promotes a sense of coin value.

Before we started we set an amount to be reached, say $2. This is the “victory” point. The player that collects $2 first is the winner. Winners get to choose to keep the funds or give is away in sadaqah (no pressure).

I thought of another version of this game to reinforce name of coins. Label the die or spinner with names of coins. The Canadian version; penny, nickle, dime, quarter, dollar, loonie. Just nice for the six sides of the die.

Let’s get the sadaqah jar full, Insya-Allah.

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Ramadan Mail “Box” Craft

We wanted a mailbox for our Ramadan Bulletin Area. As soon as I mentioned it, DS1 was of with a cereal box and some art supply and he made one. Sadly the location we had planned to put the mailbox was on a wall where the door opens to. We had to make something a little flatter. This is what we made. Insya-Allah this is an easy project.


2 paper plates, pipe cleaners, hole puncher and my favourite craft item – foam letters :)!


1. Cut on of the paper plates into half.

2. Put the halved paper plate wrong side up on the first paper plate. Align them to create a pouch. Hole punch (both together) around the bottom half.

3. Insya-Allah ask child to thread pipe cleaners to attached the two pieces of paper plates together.

4. Decorate with foam letter, stickers or anything else that your child likes.

End result, Alhamdulillah.

You can visit Umm Nu’man’s blog for more ideas on Mailbox craft Insya-Allah.


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Ramadan Advent Calendar 2010/1431H

This was a quick advent calendar I made after sehri on the first of Ramadan. I felt really bad that DS1 was looking forward to one and I hadn’t had the time to do make one for him.

Materials that I used:

Poster board, tofu dessert containers, construction paper for cut outs to cover the tofu container, little treats to put in the container, foam letters and shapes for decoration and a glue gun to put it all together Insya-Allah.

The end result, Alhamdulillah [After 2 hours and burning myself with hot glue :)]

I inserted a little card with a Ramadan related question for each day. DS1 is suppose to look for answers in our “Ramadan Reading Corner” Insya-Allah. I had hole punched these card and gave him a binder ring to compile them in.

I got these card idea from the Ramadan board game from Sister Umm Abdul Basir’s blog. You can check it out here.


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