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Ramadan Mail “Box” Craft

We wanted a mailbox for our Ramadan Bulletin Area. As soon as I mentioned it, DS1 was of with a cereal box and some art supply and he made one. Sadly the location we had planned to put the mailbox was on a wall where the door opens to. We had to make something a little flatter. This is what we made. Insya-Allah this is an easy project.


2 paper plates, pipe cleaners, hole puncher and my favourite craft item – foam letters :)!


1. Cut on of the paper plates into half.

2. Put the halved paper plate wrong side up on the first paper plate. Align them to create a pouch. Hole punch (both together) around the bottom half.

3. Insya-Allah ask child to thread pipe cleaners to attached the two pieces of paper plates together.

4. Decorate with foam letter, stickers or anything else that your child likes.

End result, Alhamdulillah.

You can visit Umm Nu’man’s blog for more ideas on Mailbox craft Insya-Allah.


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Ramadan Advent Calendar 2010/1431H

This was a quick advent calendar I made after sehri on the first of Ramadan. I felt really bad that DS1 was looking forward to one and I hadn’t had the time to do make one for him.

Materials that I used:

Poster board, tofu dessert containers, construction paper for cut outs to cover the tofu container, little treats to put in the container, foam letters and shapes for decoration and a glue gun to put it all together Insya-Allah.

The end result, Alhamdulillah [After 2 hours and burning myself with hot glue :)]

I inserted a little card with a Ramadan related question for each day. DS1 is suppose to look for answers in our “Ramadan Reading Corner” Insya-Allah. I had hole punched these card and gave him a binder ring to compile them in.

I got these card idea from the Ramadan board game from Sister Umm Abdul Basir’s blog. You can check it out here.


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