Art Print using Bok Choy

20 Aug

I have consumed bok choy all my life. However it was just the other day when I was cooking for iftaar that it came to me that I might just be able to use the stem for some art printing.

This is a stem of bok choy and the “rose” looking part are the bottom part of the stem. You might also came across “baby bok choy”. Basically the miniature version. Will give you a lot more stem to print with.

Close up of how the stems look like. This wiil be the actual stem that you will be applying poster colour onto.


Bottom part of bok choy stems, water colour paper, some poster colours and brushes.


1. Make a thick past of your choice of poster colour.

2. Using a paint brush, coat stems with a thick coat of paint.

3. Print on paper.

These were the results we had, Alhamdulillah.

This was DS2’s work; a 3 year old. Had loads of fun and made loads of mess :).

DS1’s (almost eight) work. He decided to add on details with a marker. He had planned to make it look like a garden when he was printing.

Mama’s work. I had to join in the fun :). I added marker pen details. Printed a Ramadan calligraphy for an add on.
Insya-Allah this print work would be great for all ages of children and you will be able to customize it according to your child’s interest and ability.

And for dinner . . .  we had a simple steamed boy choy dish.


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