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Ramadan Sadaqah Boxes

Half of blessed Ramadan has left us. This is a month of giving and sharing and Alhamdulillah there is still time for that.

A local Muslim group in our city is collecting food, clothes, toys, household items etc. to be distributed to needy Muslim families.

In support of this sincere effort, in our home I have set up “Sadaqah Boxes”. Over the last week we have been going around looking for things that we might give in sadaqah. Alhamdulillah DS1 even when through his toys and picked out some to be donated. I have reminded him that he needs to give away his toys with sincerity and not ask for new toys later.

Insya-Allah the organization has given a list of food items that they need. We’ll be going grocery shopping with it. May Allah accept our sadaqah.

These Alhamdulillah were our prepared boxes. We labelled them as well. You can find some labels at Smart Ark’s fun stuff page Insya-Allah.

For DS2 I used Umm Abdul Basir’s Sadaqah Box Activity.

I made these using CD envelopes. Reenforced the top flap with card stock so I can punch hold the enveloped and use a binding ring on them.

Alhamdulillah the finished activity “envelopes”.


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Ramadan – Kids Video

My children were watching some anasheed on YouTube when I discovered these two videos.

This video is produced by One4kids that is based out of Australia. This is the company that made the Zaky videos. The graphics in this video are really fun for kids and feature kids from all around the world by the looks of it. The artist of the graphics are Amir Al- Zubi and Meliha Cicak-Al-Zubi. These are the same artist who did the “Upsy Daisy” video. You can view more of their work on the blog New Muslim Kids. I have used their wonderful coloring pages for our Ramadan Mails and even to make a jigsaw puzzle.

This video is from Abdullah Puppet. I have not heard of this one before. Nevertheless the book he reads in this video was good. Simple rhyming text and great for school attending children who need to deal with their cultural differences in school. The video also gives instructions on how to purchase the book.


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