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Ramadan Planner Family blog

I came across this blog while looking for something. Subhanallah they are Ramadan central for sure. They gather all resources/activities families need to make Ramadan fruitful and fun for the entire family.

Insya-Allah check out Ramadan Family Planner.

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Ramadan Splatter Art

Inspiration for this art work.

A technique DS1 learnt at an art class he took last spring. He used a regular paint brush to splatter. We’ll be Insya-Allah using an old toothbrush. Just because it creates a finer splatter effect and that’s how I learnt it as well 🙂

This is what we did.


A mosque skyline silhoutte (best cut out using a craft knife), poster paint, paint brush, an old toothbrush. (Will update with the template soon Insya-Allah).

Lay template on a coloured paper. We used little rocks to hod down the template.

Mix poster colour. Dip toothbrush into paint. Tap it to get access paint off. Using your index finger, pull bristles towards you. Splatter more around the edges of the template so that the image will be clearly outlined.

Once paint is dry. You can fill up the picture will as many details as you want Insya-Allah. Alhamdulillah these two were our finished work. And the mosque template itself looked gorgeous with all the splatter on it. Insya-Allah we are planning to mount it onto a black piece of paper and add moon and star details to it.


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