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We read this book that basically talked about the concern of the owl in waking up the farmer and his family for Fajr prayer. It has a very simple repetitive story line which makes it easy for early readers. It also has some suggested learning activities.

Cutest part – owl cries out of frustration of not being to wake up anyone for Fajr (Subhanallah the concern that this owl had!)

Part that my son didn’t like – owl asking wolf to “devour” the fox. Change the words and it’ll be fine Insya-Allah.

We did sequencing of adhaan phrases to supplement this book.

Sorting Adhaan Phrases

I printed of the phrases of adhaan from here. This is an upload of the book Taleemul Haq. It also has the mustahabs of adhaan that we discussed.

Cut each phrase of the adhaan. Line enough paper clips on a larger sheet of paper or manilla cardboard. Ask child to rearrange the phrases of adhaan in sequence.

Since the story was on Fajr prayer, it gave us an opportunity to discuss the phrase “Salaah is better than sleep” and place it in order as well.


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