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Together We Read – September 2010

A simple board book that shows creatures and their homes using shapes. In the process it reinforces how Allah is Ar-Rahman, the most compassionate and that He provides us shelter.

On the very first page there is a picture of all the shapes that will be explored throughout the book. Each shape is actually a lift-a-flap which makes this book an interesting one for little ones.

I have had to reinforce my “circle” and “spiral” page several times as this is a popular book in our home 🙂

We did this button sorting activity for this book. You will be able to find huge shaped buttons at Scholars Choice. Star and heart were two shapes not mentioned in the book. I used them as my son was familiar with them. As for rectangle, I have never seen one and I hope to find one, Insya-Allah.


Lacing buttons



DS2 busy lacing



Laced buttons






We also did some lacing activity using the buttons. These were the buttons I found at a dollar store years ago for DS1. Alhamdulillah, now they are being reused by DS2.

I made this tracing worksheet that shows some of the homes that are shown in the book. Insya-Allah you can download it by clicking below.

Where is my home

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