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Autumn – Hadith and Blow Painting

This picture we took on a visit to a local park Ahamdulillah was a reminder of the hadith that talks about autumn leaves and salaat and sins.  I wanted to do an art project with DS1 that involved the autumn theme and the hadith.

This artwork uses blow painting technique. You would need poster paints, art paper, paint brushes, straws, glue, fall colour paper confetti and some old newspaper to protect your work table.

Mix poster paint to a consistency that is not too watery. We were wanting to achieve a tree so we started of by drawing a tree trunk. Then using a straw take a blob of paint and drop it at points where you would like the branches to be. Now gently blow on the blob to which ever direction you want the branches to spread. You can move your paper around to get the effect you want. Truly the more random, the better it looks. Once that is done leave it to completely dry.

This is a finished tree trunk. You can see all the blow painting effect on the branches.

Using a paint brush drop some diluted glue to where you want the leaves to be. Be careful not to paint the glue as the colour will run.

Smear about confetti over the glued areas. Keep tapping confetti off the paper to get a better idea where you would like more leaves.  Drop more glue and confetti accordingly.

Alhamdulillah, DS1 wrote out part of the hadith and together with the artwork made it into a poster. We also discussed the message of the hadith. Insya-Allah below is the entire hadith and the explanation of it.

I also worked on a piece of blow painting with my son. Instead of confetti I created leaves using a foam bath sponge like the one below.

Using a paint brush apply poster paint directly on to part on the sponge. I did initially dilute the paint. However I quickly realized that it was not producing the effect I wanted. It was a foam material and did not absorb much of the paint and was smearing.

Alhamdulillah this was my finished autumn tree branch.



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