Dhulhijjah 1431H/2010 – Zam Zam

24 Nov

As part of our hajj lesson we also did some studying around Zam Zam water. The following were the resources we used.

This books gives a brief introduction of Ibrahim A.S before carrying on to the story of Ismail A.S and his mother in the desert and eventually the gushing of Zam Zam.

This is a truly amazing CD made by Sister Maryam. The 3rd and 4th track of this CD is on history of Zam Zam water. You can purchase this CD as well as other works by the same author at Nur Al Qasas.

This you tube video also covers the history of Zam Zam.

There are also more material on the history of Zam Zam at Islamic Landmarks.

NOTE: Each of the above resource sited a different meaning for the word Zam Zam – Allah knows best. I only emphasized to my children that it is the name of the water rather than lingering on the linguistic meaning of the word Zam Zam.

Zam Zam Diorama

Using playdoh we made two orange hills; meaning to be Safa and Marwah. The white squiggly structure in the middle is suppose to be Zam Zam water gushing out 🙂

Drinking Zam Zam

Before drinking Zam Zam, we briefly discussed the etiquette on drinking it. This is basically facing the kiblah, saying Bismillah before drinking, taking three sips and making the dua below after drinking Zam Zam.

O Allah, I am asking You for beneficial knowledge and abundance in provision, and cure from every ailment.

You might also like to check out this wonderful Zam Zam poster at Iman’s Home School.

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