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A for Apple

We have Alhamdulillah made apple turnovers for letter A. The recipe was from NibbleDish.  I did add 1/2 cup of golden raisin to the apples.

I felt that this recipe was simple yet many of the steps could be done by the child. The finish product was really a pastry as oppose to very flimsy type food like apple studded with marshmallow teeth!


Chopping apples
Transferring apples into pot


Rolling bread

“Painting” on egg wash

Alhamdulillah our ready to eat Apple Turnover. This was really warm and wonderful on the cold winter day that we made it. Smiles all over.


Quick Apple Turnover

We also read Apple Farmer Annie. A very cute book for kids. My children and I 🙂 love the illustrations. The author also has several apple recipes in the book. Click on the image to go to the author’s website.



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Cooking with kids

Watching this add brought back memories of my own childhood. Growing up in a family that was in the food business, I practically grew up in the kitchen. Counting coconuts, measuring sugar and rice and chopping lots and lots of onions. In all I learnt a tonne while having fun.

I knew I wanted my children to grow up making memories in he kitchen too. To experience the wonder of making food from scratch.  To know ingredients and to appreciate the time and effort that goes into preparing food – ah yes I have three boys.

Putting the whole memory thing aside. I knew cooking would present a wonderful opportunity to practice all those Montessori tray activities for real. I have a hard time keeping those trays away from my two year old anyways.

We have embarked on a Alphafood Venture. Insya-Allah we are going to learn one new letter a week. Each week my four year old and I will attempt to make something using the ingredient that starts with the letter of the week.

I am sure this idea has been done by many before me. Here are some sites that I found that runs along the same platform.

Cooking With Kids by Linda Fredericks

Cooking Up The Alphabet – a Squidoo page

I hope to find some much simpler recipes that would give my son the opportunity to practice motor skills like measuring, stirring, transferring, rolling etc. and brush up on my own cooking skills 🙂

Insya-Allah we hope to have lots of fun learning the alphabet while spending time together making yummy food.


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