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E for Eggs

Alhamdulillah, reading the dim sum books gave us an idea for letter “E”, egg tarts of course. This is a treat that I enjoyed as a child and still love it. I often make this at home following this simple recipe from Star Kuali for the filling. I used pre made tart shells.

I also chose this recipe as it give DS2 a chance to use an egg beater for a real life task. You can see an example of a montessori tray with an egg beater here.

He also got to practice his pouring skills. He poured the entire first amount of egg mixture I gave him on the tray! After that he was careful and did very well Alhamdulillah.

I added the dusting of nutmeg just to give my son a little extra to do. It does add a nice flavour to the tart I must say.

Beating eggs

Pouring filling into tart shells










Dusting on nutmeg

Swett egg tarts







We followed up this activity with a book.

This is a classic tale that has just been told over generations. This story gives and excellent opportunity to talk about being grateful and thankful to Allah. Using the opportunity of having wealth to give in charity as wealth is a test in itself (in this story the characters don’t spend in charity).

Allah is the ultimate giver and sustainer, He is able to give us things that are unthinkable; like the golden eggs. It also allows for discussions about not being greedy in amassing wealth.

Overall it has been a egg-licious couple of days Alhamdulillah.


Paper Dim Sum

I came across these two books in our library. When I peered into Yum Yum Dim Sum, it was just paperlicious! My instant thought was we can make some of those.









My children are familiar with some of the treats in these books which helped in making the paper treats. For this craft we mainly used different types of papers and modelling clay we had on hand. Here are our creations.

Stuffed basket

Clay fried shrimp

Tissue paper scallion pancake

Clay egg tart

Facial tissue red bean pau

Tissue paper spring rolls





















I didn’t get to snap pictures while me where making these except . . .

Painting "red bean paste" onto pau

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