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The magical world of “pixies”









Somewhere is our journey of life we stop sprinkling ourselves with magic dust.

I am blessed to have little “Pixies”. They ever so generously sprinkle magic dust on me, the way only they can. Perhaps time stops just for a moment. A moment when I can drown myself in the magical blissful world that only “Pixies” can create.

You may say, “Ah, I don’t have a “Pixie” of my own.”

Or maybe your pixies have lost their magic dust travelling life’s path.

Don’t despair, it doesn’t take much to find a “Pixie” and share their magic dust. Look around, perhaps in the grocery line, in the doctor’s waiting room or even in the car next to yours at a stop light.

Share a smile, say a kind word and lend your ears, for “Pixies” love to be smothered with attention. And for a moment, just maybe a moment, you’ll be whisked into the wonderful world of the “Pixies”. It’ll leave a smile on your face long after you come back.

Now go look for a “Pixie”.

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Spaghetti hedgehog craft

Hedgie’s Surprise has been a long time favourite in our house. The children love looking at the pictures on the sides of the pages to tell their own story of what is on the next page.

This book was perfect in continuing the egg theme. We used what we had on hand and made this simple hedgehog.

Sticking spaghetti into modelling clay

Hedgehog. We used cloves for eyes.


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