The magical world of “pixies”

23 Mar









Somewhere is our journey of life we stop sprinkling ourselves with magic dust.

I am blessed to have little “Pixies”. They ever so generously sprinkle magic dust on me, the way only they can. Perhaps time stops just for a moment. A moment when I can drown myself in the magical blissful world that only “Pixies” can create.

You may say, “Ah, I don’t have a “Pixie” of my own.”

Or maybe your pixies have lost their magic dust travelling life’s path.

Don’t despair, it doesn’t take much to find a “Pixie” and share their magic dust. Look around, perhaps in the grocery line, in the doctor’s waiting room or even in the car next to yours at a stop light.

Share a smile, say a kind word and lend your ears, for “Pixies” love to be smothered with attention. And for a moment, just maybe a moment, you’ll be whisked into the wonderful world of the “Pixies”. It’ll leave a smile on your face long after you come back.

Now go look for a “Pixie”.

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