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Paper Plate Lion

I ordered this book through our school book order. It is a simple read and also has some activities reinforcing reading skills in it.

This was the simple craft we made using paper plate, construction paper, some foam shapes and pipe cleaners.

Gluing paper mane onto paper plate

We coloured the paper plate using the same technique as the paper plate whale we made. Gluing the paper mane occupied DS2 and gave me enough time to finish some cleaning I had to do, Alhamdulillah.

We discussed about how people with more strength must show mercy to weaker ones. Also just because some one is weak that does not mean they are insignificant and that Allah has made each one of us with special traits.

Naturally I started speaking about how Sulaiman (AS) showed mercy to the ants. Insya-Allah, that might be our next book to craft on.

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