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Spring Signs – Melting Snow

Even though spring has come, where we live there’s still lots of snow. However as the days get longer and warmer, our snowbanks are slowly melting away. I wanted to do something fun with melting snow.

First we decided to do some snow painting. This is jus some water with food colouring in a squeeze bottle.

Snow over a sheet of paper

Snow painting

I placed the paper hoping when the snow melted, the food colouring will dry on the paper. Unfortunately it did not. We got carried away piling too much snow onto the paper that the dye just washed away! Something to keep in mind next time Insha-Allah.

We also did a little experiment. We filled up three jars with snow. One clean, one slightly dirty and the other quite dirty. DS2 watched for about half a day patiently for all the snow to melt.

Jars of snow

Melted snow

Once the snow melted, we observed the deposit at the bottom of the jar.

Less dirt

Quite dirty

And we had one jar that was completely clean. We talked about how the dirt was more heavy and settle at the bottom. I also reminded my son that all the three jars of water are considered pure even with the dirt in them and can be used to made wudhu. His reaction, “It’ll be freezing, Mama.” 🙂

Snowman Melting & Water Cycle mini books

I also printed a simple water cycle book from here. I chose this one as it mentioned of snow as well as rain. I added these two verses of the Quran about rain to the book as well.

I found a simple counting rhyme on melting snowman here.  DS2 was completely enjoying this book. The snowman he and his brothers built also just recently melted away. He identified with the rhyme.

DS2 Alhamdulillah understood that snow melted and turned into water. Where did the water go? With the ground still partially covered in snow and wet he did not get it that in went into the ground. To demonstrate this fact, I left the only indoor plant we have to dry out a bit. Then gave him a container of water to pour into the pot. He was so amazed at how quickly the water disappeared into the GROUND. The second verse above completely supports this.

We also took a walk in the nearby park which has a river that runs through it. The children were able to see chunks of ice floating in the river. Subhanallah, this was a perfect way to show them how water (rain & snow) that Allah sends down runs as rivers. Snow is really a form of water from the sky. And it’s a mercy from Allah.

After completing these activities, we had 30cm of snow overnight. Alhamdulillah, we all bit our tongue and did not complain. Snow is a mercy of Allah to dry Southern Alberta.


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Egg Carton Ant

Alhamdulillah this week we read a book about Sulaiman’s (AS) encounter with some ants.

The first part of this book is about how Sulaiman (AS) resolves the dispute between two farmers. Than it continues with his (AS) encounter with the ants.

We spoke about how Allah granted a special ability to Sulaiman (AS) that he was able to understand the ant’s speech. Sulaiman (AS) made dua to Allah that he may be grateful for this special gift and was not haughty and arrogant (like the lion in last week’s story). He then showed mercy to the ant by asking his army to avoid the ant hill.

Painting egg carton

This is the ant craft we made after reading the story. Is was just three segments of an egg carton painted black. We threaded some pipe cleaners for legs and antenna. We glued black eyed peas for eyes and foam for a smile.

We also read the Little Ants story from the book above. This story is from the live of Rasulullah (SAW). It teaches us to show mercy to animal, even those that are small like ants. Insya-Allah you can find more books on ant at Ummah Reads.

We watched this video to further reinforce being merciful to creatures.

This was another book that was part of our Usborne pack. This had a different moral to it but still around ants though. This book is great for a bug theme. My son was pretending with a plastic grasshopper and and while we were reading this book.

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