Egg Carton Ant

04 Apr

Alhamdulillah this week we read a book about Sulaiman’s (AS) encounter with some ants.

The first part of this book is about how Sulaiman (AS) resolves the dispute between two farmers. Than it continues with his (AS) encounter with the ants.

We spoke about how Allah granted a special ability to Sulaiman (AS) that he was able to understand the ant’s speech. Sulaiman (AS) made dua to Allah that he may be grateful for this special gift and was not haughty and arrogant (like the lion in last week’s story). He then showed mercy to the ant by asking his army to avoid the ant hill.

Painting egg carton

This is the ant craft we made after reading the story. Is was just three segments of an egg carton painted black. We threaded some pipe cleaners for legs and antenna. We glued black eyed peas for eyes and foam for a smile.

We also read the Little Ants story from the book above. This story is from the live of Rasulullah (SAW). It teaches us to show mercy to animal, even those that are small like ants. Insya-Allah you can find more books on ant at Ummah Reads.

We watched this video to further reinforce being merciful to creatures.

This was another book that was part of our Usborne pack. This had a different moral to it but still around ants though. This book is great for a bug theme. My son was pretending with a plastic grasshopper and and while we were reading this book.

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