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Spring Signs – Jackrabbits/Hare

Today the children were very excited to see our resident bunny, Mr. Arnab, sitting in his usual spot, basking in the sun. They immediately noticed that he was not his usual white self. I pointed out to them that it was just changing colour to be able to better camouflage itself in the spring and summer landscapes. Subhanallah how merciful is Allah to his creature, each blessed with its special features.


Mr. Arnab sometime in January
Mr. Arnab today, becoming brown

I wanted to get some idea on more nature type activities to do with the children. I came across this wonderful websites called Nature Detectives. It offers many printable resources according to seasons. It is a UK based organization. I am sure many of the ideas can be easily adapted to other locations.

NOTE: Thanks to Umm Tafari’s question below, I have changed the title of this post. I do not want to confuse others.


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