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F for Figs

I decided to go with figs for letter F. This is a fruit that has a surah it the Qur’an named after it. We also often have figs for snack at home. Has to be a good choice, or so I thought.

The recipe we made was from Stacey Snacks. It was super easy for us to follow and it turned out great Alhamdulillah. Here are our steps following Stacey’s recipe.

Practicing scissors skills snipping figs

After much whining about sticky fingers, we switched to plastic knife

Mixing the wet ingredients

The only thing I did not follow was using dried rosemary instead of fresh ones. Not a good idea. The smell and flavour of rosemary was infused in the cake. However there were the awful grass like snippets of dried rosemary when you bit into the cake. Not a nice thing.

Fig cake made from olive oil

Half of this cake dissapeared soon after it came out of the oven. It tastes great when eaten warm. The other half . . . well lets say the children were not interested in a fig cake the next day. They rather eat figs as they are.

Sadly DS2 did not enjoy making this recipe. I think he wanted something much more exciting that dried figs. My intentions were to teach him about a fruit mentioned in the Qur’an. However I do realize that the alphabet is what we are attempting here and it has to be fun for DS2.

Anyhow, this recipe is a keeper and I think it will make a great enrichment activity when learning Surah At-Teen, figs and olive (oil) in one cake.


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Dates Mini Book & Pattern Block

Following our cooking venture with dates, I thought I will do a little book compiling a few hadith/stories on dates. The website AlMiskeenah has got a whole category dedicated to dates. There are some wonderful photographs of dates trees as well as varieties of the fruits. We browsed through this website to look at the pictures and talked about a few of the hadith on dates.

Here are some pictures of our little dates book.

Cover with a hadith about dates

This is the cover with a date related hadith. It is from Umm Abdul Basir’s Creative Corner.

Ayahs in the Qur'an that mentions dates

Hadith on tahneek & date tree

Story of boy who threw stones at a date tree

Story of crying date tree

I thought DS2 was most astonished when he learnt that the first food he ever ate was dates! He also was fascinated by the crying date tree story.

Date tree pattern block

I made this date tree pattern block template with a hadith on it using printables I found at Teacher Vison Canada. Insha-Allah I have ordered some pattern blocks and hopefully we will be able to use them for this template.


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