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Gingerbread House – Stick Craft

To compliment our G is for Gingerbread project, we read this wonderful book. Gingerbread tale with a nice twist to it. Of course the gorgeous Jan Brett illustration brings it all to life.

DS2 made a gingerbread house out of craft sticks. We added a little gingerbread baby printout to the house and decorated it with foam shapes and stickers. Alhamdulillah this was our little gingerbread house.

Stick gingerbread house

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G for Gingerbread

Ahamdulillah this was an absolutely fun Alpha Venture project. I made the dough the night before and left it in the fridge.

Roll the dough

Cutting gingerbread people

Decorating baked gingerbread

We were having so much fun decorating that DS1 and his friend wanted to join in. We used store bought tube icing. As I was heading downstairs to fetch a container for the gingerbread, DS2 announced,”I’ll keep an eye on them Mama. I know they like to run away.” 🙂 Alhamdulillah, these are some of our creations.




Letter G






Usually I link up to the page I got the recipe from. This time though I will not. This is my first time attempting gingerbread, however I can safely say that this recipe taste of the molasses more than anything else. Of course the children did not care about the taste. Anyone out there with a tried, tested and fail-proof gingerbread recipe, appreciate it if you could share it with me.

We read two different versions of the story and could not find matching sequencing cards. We settled for the story sequencing from here instead. You can find the titles of the many, many versions of the gingerbread man story here.

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Al-Anbar ~ A fish story from the lives of Sahabas (RA)

There is are ahadith that narrates about a fish called Al-Anbar (or Ambar) that a group of sahabas came across while they were on an expedition to capture a Quraish caravan by the sea shore. I related this story to my children as part of our fish theme. Below are the links that describe the incident.

Al-Anbar story from Fadhail Amal

Hadith on Al-Anbar

We also talked about Asma-al-Husna. Allah is Ar-Rahman, The Most Merciful. Allah is Ar-Raaziq, The Sustainer. Allah provided sustenance to the sahabas in the form of a huge beached whale out of His mercy.

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Yusuf (AS) – Family Tree

I made the diagram above to help my son in learning about Yusuf (AS). Below is the blank diagram that a child can fill in.

Yusuf (AS)

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Crepe Paper Painting Fish Craft

I have been doing crafts based on books with my children for a while now. I was thrilled to discover  stART at A Mommy’s Adventures and have linked up a few times now.

However I still wanted my children to experience and explore art in its natural form. Using more imagination and experiment with materials and techniques and appreciate the process itself. I attempted to this with our tortoise craft and witnessed the delight and excitement of my son.

Below is a book that I came across at our library. Subhanallah, it fitted perfectly for what I was looking for as a guide book.

Each project is broken down into Materials, Preparation and Process and some with Tips and Variations. This makes it very easy to organize a project with a child. In the introduction to the book, the author writes, “It’s the Process, Not the Product”. That title says it all and is exactly what I was looking for. There are also tonnes of ideas at the author’s blog as well.

Alhamdulillah, here is a paper plate fish I made with my two-year old using the Paper Stain Painting technique from the book. Obviously we used the technique to paint the plate and then used the end product to craft something else based on the book we were reading – The Rainbow Fish. This allows keeping to the theme without sacrificing the art experience of the child.

Paper plate and a role of crepe paper

Dip crepe paper roll in water and "paint" the paper plate. In our case DS3 was busy stamping.

Attach fin and tail made using the same technique to paper plate


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Rainbow Fish – A Story About Sharing

To complement our fish recipe, we read The Rainbow Fish and made two fish crafts. This book was just the right topic with all the “It’s mine!” that has been going on in our house. A gentle tale like this one is really helpful in reinforcing the spirit of sharing.

These are the materials we used. Probably any clear plastic bottle will do. The cellophane paper was actually Quality Street candy wrappers that we had saved. I thinned out the glue with some water for easy application.


Empty dishwashing liquid bottle, cellophane paper, glue and paint brush

DS2 applying the cellophane paper

While gluing on the pieces of cellophane, we went over all our colours. It is also neat that when you hold the bottle up against sunlight it creates a very beautiful effect.

Plastic bottle Rainbow Fish craft

We cut out tail and fin from cardstock and coloured them before gluing to the bottle. You can see the one special silver fin (aluminium foil) that is left on the rainbow fish after sharing the rest with his friends.

We also used our pattern blocks to make a pattern block fish.


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F is also for Fish

DS2 did not enjoy making the recipe for letter F. This idea was conceived while we were grocery shopping.

Live tilapia in a tank

We always visit the fish department and enjoy looking at all the live fish, lobster and crabs. However on this trip DS2 wanted to buy a fish. I explained to him that if we caught a fish and took it out of the tank that it will die. He was undeterred. I was more nervous about the whole affair while he was all excited!

Alhamdulillah we bought a fish. Just a note of caution, the people in the store actually smack the fish with some mallet type gadget to instantly kill it. This was done behind the tank, DS2 did not see it. I did not know this as this was my first ever time buying a live fish. I feel that this should not be the case.

For the next entire day my two little ones often visited the fish at the refrigerator, examined it, marvelled at its skin, eyes etc. F for fish became a delightful chant 🙂

Marinating fish

DS2 had very little to do in  the preparation of the recipe except for rubbing on the marinate onto the fish and watching it being baked in the oven. I have to say, he enjoyed the whole experience much, much more than the Fig Cake recipe. Sometimes I want to teach my children, but Allah uses them to teach me. In this case, DS2 got to be excited about the ingredient or the process of making the recipe to enjoy the experience and subsequently learn from it! Lesson learnt Alhamdulillah.

I also took this opportunity to explain to him at his level that we need not slaughter the fish to make it halal for us to it. Insha-Allah I hope this experience will serve as a foundation in teaching him the basics of halal and haram food.

Alhamdulillah our ikan bakar kicap (grilled soya sauce fish).

Ikan bakar kicap


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