Bee – Honey Jar Craft

08 Jun

I borrowed this book from the library to supplement our honey joys project. The illustrations in this book is completely done using paper cutouts. A very unique artwork. This books basically traces honey’s journey from flower to the breakfast table, but in reverse.

Remember our honey bottle in the ingredients picture from the last post, this is how it looks like now. I am not sure Papa was delighted. At this point I think he was just glad his Okanagan Valley honey was safe inside the “bee”.

Here are the steps to give a buzz to the plain old plastic honey jar.

Paint the bottle with yellow acrylic paint and let dry. You might have to give it a second coat.

Glue on black stripes

Drop some glue to the end of paper doily. Fold the ends and attach to the honey bottle. You can see one attached wing on the bottle.

Finish off by gluing on a heart shape for the head of the bee. Add some pipe cleaners for antennas and yellow foam (or googly eyes) for eyes.

This book also has a very nice game board you can play with your child. It reinforces the steps of how honey is made.

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Posted by on June 8, 2011 in Art & Craft, Reading/Books


One response to “Bee – Honey Jar Craft

  1. Mother of Three

    August 16, 2012 at 8:55 am

    wow! you have such a creative way of getting your boys invovled and have them relate to all sorts of topics! i am a Muslim mother of mashallah three children and i find so much inspiration from your blog! Keep up the good work, may Allah strengthen your hands and mind with all this creativity! 🙂


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