J for Jello

08 Jun

I decided on making simple old jello for letter J. Nevertheless it was a fun project. We started of by observing the jello powder. I chose a strawberry (red) and an apple (green) one. DS2 touched the powder and also smelled it. We talked about the texture, colour and smell of it.

Halaal jello packets we used

We used and over sized measuring cup for making the jello. This Alhamdulillah avoided any splash of hot liquid.

Mixing jello

He was amazed that the “pink” powder became red when dropped in water. It did require a good bit of stirring to get all the granules to dissolve. I poured the jello into a rose shaped mould.

Getting to observe the jello setting was an interesting experience. DS2 did not want to touch it as he knew it was hot. Gradually when there was a film on the top he was excited about how wobbly it felt.

While waiting for the jello to set, we did some jello painting.

Jello painting

Due to the glare it is hard to see the formed jello on the letter J. The little bit of jello was getting mushy pretty fast and instead on painting with it, my child was licking it off the paint brush! If we ever did jello painting again, I would print my pictures on watercolour paper. I feel the colours will get absorbed and show better as well.

When the red jello had set, using a fork we gently made some marks on its surface. We made the green jello and poured in over the red.

Alhamdulilla our yummy rose jello.


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