L for Lemon and Lime

08 Jun

I plan and Allah is the greatest planner. I had to completely change what I was going to make due to the wet weather we had all day long. In the end Alhamdulillah, the children enjoyed themselves and went to bed smelling great.

We made lemon scrub instead of lemonade! The recipe is from here.

We started off by talking about the colour, shape, size and smell of lemons and limes. What were the differences. I used a zester to get some zest for the children to be able to really smell the fruits.

Lemon, lime and fragrant zests

I also cut up some pickled lime I had for them to taste. It was hillarious to see everyone pick a piece so quickly and the spit it out at the same speed. It was super sour salty. I didn’t have time to capture those eeew expressions.

Lime soaked in salt; urukaai

For this recipe the children got to use a hand juicer as well as a lemon press. Both requires different skills but aiming to achieve the same end result; extracting the juice.

Juicing lemon

Pressing lime

I quartered my limes to get it to fit the press.

Mixing sugar, oil and juice thoroughly

I used olive oil instead of canola. Also I added whatever juice the children had squeezed out so as to not waste. Our scrub was a little runny for this reason. We also threw in all the zest to add colour to the scrub. Throughout the mixing process there was also lots of finger licking going on. They just could stop dipping their fingers in 🙂

After a long, warm, citrus bath, we shared this book.

A very attractive and unique illustration style. Gave DS2 something to think about. Do not disregard something that is different than what we are used to.


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