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Pipe Cleaner Palm Tree

In our Dome of Rock project there are some palm trees in the four corners of the base. It was a completely last minute thing. I thought I would share the steps here.

You would need 2 brown and  2 green pipe cleaners.

Fold a brown pipe cleaner in half. Make a loop and start twisting as in the pipe cleaner on the left.

Past the second pipe cleaner through the loop of the first one. Again twist it leaving a loop on the top.

Hold the two pipe cleaners by the loops and twist them into one. This will be the trunk of the palm tree.

I cut one green pipe cleaner into 3 parts and the other into 4 parts. This creates more dimension to the leaves of the palm tree. Twist the green pieces in the loop of the brown pipe cleaner.

Anchor the tree using the untwisted end bits of the brown pipe cleaners. Spread out the greens to mimic leaves.


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