Islamic Cultural Centre Toronto (ICCT)

16 Jun

There is currently an initiative by some sisters to establish an Islamic Library in the Peel/Halton district in Ontario, Canada. Below is some details about the project as well as the kind of books they are collecting.

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 

We are calling on ALL Muslims in Canada, and in other countries, to help us gather as many Islamic books as possible to start an Islamic library that will serve the residents of Peel & Halton Districts.

The process of labeling the collected books and classifying them has Alhamdulillah underway with the help of a professional librarian.
Your donated books / CD’s / DVD’s should be in excellent condition and of religious and cultural value.
Subjects : Sunni Islamic Books, Cultural Books and Poetry Collections.
Languages : Arabic, English, Urdu, Bosnian, Turkish, French…other.

Once we have a decent collection, the database will be accessible online for your convenience. The premise will InshaAllah be announced soon.

We dream that InshaAllah this would be a baby stepping stone in creating the largest most valuable Islamic library / cultural center in Toronto. A great place to meet, carry out book clubs, discuss and debate. A great reference and dawa center to non-muslims. A great and growing source of Islamic books for the Muslim generations to come.

We welcome…
– Libraries of deceased people – a great sadaqa jariyah!
– Book & CD donations from family & friends abroad (esp. Gulf countries and Egypt)
– Additional or unsold copies in local Islamic bookstores

We also welcome any ideas that would help us turn this into a great accomplishment for the whole Muslim community.

If you are travelling this year, please do not forget to bring a long some books for your library. This library belongs to every Muslim in our community. Make it useful and beautiful!

Please contact us at you have books/ CD’s/ DVD’s to donate.
Jazakom Allah and May this project be a sadaqa jariyah to our whole community!

Salamu Aleikom,

Coordinator of The Islamic Cultural Centre Toronto Project.

More information about this project can be obtained at Toronto Muslim Events website. Insha-Allah if anyone wants donate some books please contact the coordinator of this project at

This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute and promote literacy in our Muslim community here in Canada. It will be a great way of making sadaqah jaariyah. I hope this will be the first of many more Islamic libraries that will be Insha-Allah established in this great country we call home.

Besides mailing the books you already have, you could also order books and get it shipped directly to the project coordinators. There are tonnes of online Islamic bookstores. Sound Vision Canada and Habib’s Bookstore are Canadian Islamic bookstores. Also and do carry some Islamic titles as well. It is definately worth a look given the free shipping option they have.


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3 responses to “Islamic Cultural Centre Toronto (ICCT)

  1. sabour16abour Al-Kandari

    July 7, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    That picture of books is beautiful, may I have permission to use it on our MSA’s website as the slider for our “Learn Islam” section?


  2. Fahad Uwaysi

    April 12, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    I am also downloading this Beautiful book pic/


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