O for Orange Pudding

09 Jul

Letter O, the most easily identified letter. I would have loved to  pick something that had olives in it. However I restrained myself as I knew DS2 would not enjoy it.

I found a simple orange pudding recipe here and as I had all the ingredients on hand, I decided we will make it.

We started of by me scraping some orange rind for DS2 to smell. He liked the smell and tried describing it in his own words.

Juicing orange

The recipe did not call for orange juice. I thought just adding couple of tablespoons would not be a bad idea. Afterall our star is orange.

Behind the scene shot . . . drinking milk straight out of the measuring jug!

We added all the ingredients into a water bottle. We used a funnel to avoid spills.

Vigorously shake the ingredients. Using a bottle with a tight cap will be a good idea.

Pudding served in an orange cup.

I have to be honest about this recipe. It was easy and fun to do. However it was really not great as far as taste goes. Vanilla and orange just did not seem to pair well, at least to us.

We found this book at our local library. It made up for the disappointment of the recipe.

The title is a question any child can present to you. The book goes about asking the question and answering it in a very delightful way. It is a very cheeky kind of book that truly suits DS2 personality and he really enjoyed it Alhamdulillah.


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