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Ramadhan Advent Calendar Using Cloths Peg

I wanted to make an advent calendar for my four and two year old as well. This was actually an idea I specifically wanted to make for DS3 (2 years old). It was to help him practice pincer grip. And I would have love to have made DS3 (4 years old) something that involved button skills.

I ended up making one calendar for both of them just to avoid this is mine, that is yours bickering.

Gluing scrapbook paper onto cloths peg

I started off by gluing on strips of paper onto one side of cloths pin. I used some coordinated scrapbook paper just to make it prettier. I then glued Hershey Kisses chocolate onto the plain side of the cloths pin using a glue gun. Once that is done, clip on the pegs along the rim of a suitable container showing the paper side out.I used a plastic popcorn bowl.

Pretty paper facing out and chocolate hidden inside

I also got a charger plate and attached a stack of sticky note in the middle. I them stamped the sticky notes starting with the number 30.

The idea is for the children to remove one peg each day from the bowl. Of course devour the Hershey and then clip the peg around the charger plate. They can remove one sticky note each day to reveal the number of days left before Eid. Insha-Allah, the aim is to fill the circumference of the plate by the end of Ramadhan and create an Eid wreath.


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Ramadhan Advent Calendar 2011 / 1432H

Alhamdulillah this is my fourth advent calendar that I have made for DS1. He looks forward to this every year. It has become a sort of tradition for us.

This year I used paper doilies (one of my favourite craft supply) to hold the favours. I made 30 paper doily cones. The pictures below shows the step.

Fold up the bottom bit of the doily

Shape the doily into a cone. Tape the edges to secure. It is easier to use sticky tape rather than glue.

I then used a fabric covered corkboard that my son already had in his room to pin the cones onto. For the numbers, I used some cut out squares and stamped them.

The Ramadhan title was from Ramadhan Planner Family.

This is the finished advent calendar.

Ramadhan Advent Calendar 2011/1432H

Close up

Besides little favours, just as last year I have placed a Ramadhan related question in each cone.

I just realized that I had not posted the advent calendar I made a couple of years ago. Below is a blurred image of it taken with a cellphone. I must have not had a working camera.

Ramadhan Advent Calendar 2009/1430H

This was basically made using white paper bags. One bag for each day of Ramadhan. I pasted some Ramadhan themed graphics on each bag. I then clipped them onto a string over the window.

Since that year school was on for Eid, I also made these paper bags as favours for my sons entire class.


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