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Ramadhan Window Cling

I have always been fascinated about festive window clings. Ramadhan has given me an excuse to try painting some.

I got the instructions for this from Disney Family Fun. The instructions call for the design to be done on wax paper. Instead what we did was to print out Ramadhan related pictures and place them in a page protector. Ramadhan themed coloring pages work well for this activity. We then painted the picture right onto the page protector using the printout within as a guide.

We used Scribbles 3D Dimensional Fabric Paint for this activity. If you are in Canada, you can purchase them at your local Michaels store (yes use the coupons 🙂 )

Using Scribbles paint on page protector

After letting the painting dry overnight, I carefully peeled it off the page protector and placed them on our window.

Ramadhan window clings

This was a bonus inside our living room Masha-Allah.

Window clings shadow inside the house


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