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Organizing Kitchen Cupboard

Just before Ramadhan, I was going through my spice cupboard and reorganizing it. For years now I have been using floral foams to create tiered shelves to store my spice bottles. I thought I will share this here. Insha-Allah it will benefit others as well.

Florist foam

I use foams like the one above. This idea Alhamdulillah came about when I had to buy a pack of eight foams when all I needed was two. This is how I repurposed the foams and used them all up.

For the first tier that sits right at the back of the cupboard, I used the whole foam brick as is. For the second tier, I cut the foam brick into half lengthwise. I found a serrated knife works best for this. I then wrapped the foams with some pretty wrapping paper.

Florist foam tiered shelf

You might want to check the width of the bottles you have before you cut the foam for the second tier. Usually one side of the foam is larger than the other.

My cupboard rearranged


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