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Visit to Royal Tyrrell Museum

Here are some pictures of our visit to the Royall Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.

Ibraheem and Ilyaas looking for fossils

Field scientist explaining about fossils found








A Hadrosaurus (duck-billed dino) remains. They call him Rusty!









Prosaurolophus - type of Hadrosaur

Long-Necked Plesiosaur



















Can't remember this one, sorry!

Zakariyya mesmerized by the sturgeon.







Hoodoos - rock formation

Completing giant puzzle - Alberta during the dinosaur times.








This trip was wonderful for our boys who are fans of dinosaurs. They enjoyed the field trip that involved looking for fossils and seeing a real fossil in the ground – Rusty the duck billed dinosaur.

It was also an opportunity to reinforce the greatness of Allah. We explained to the children, how Allah created all of these dinosaurs and then He also made them die. Many of the dinosaurs were big and powerful, but they were still destroyed. And new life were replaced after the dinosaurs. Allah is Al-Muhyi (the Giver of Life) and Al-Mumeet (The Creator of Death).

In its death, Allah preserved their remains and has made it a lesson of His greatness for us. For Ibraheem (8) we related the story of people of Lut (Alaihissalaam). It was such a similar situation. We did tell him though that in the case of dinosaurs, they were animals and were not destroyed for any evil actions.

We were also able to witness Allah’s kudrat in how some of this prehistoric creatures have evolved and still exist today like the sturgeon fish.

Another amazing feature of the Drumheller area are the Hoodos. These are rocks carved and shaped by the forces of wind and water over thousands of years.


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