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Kaabah & Hujjaj Craft

I had planned and prepared for activities around the hajj theme during last year’s Zulhijjah month. However, I did not actually do many of the things I had hoped to do. Allah is the best of planners.

Alhamdulillah, we still did a few activities. This is one that centered around the Kaabah.

The templates for the mini kaabah craft was from Jannah Steps. I printed several copies so that we could paste the upper border around the box. We used a cereal box for this craft.

Ilyaas painting the 'Kaabah"

We read books about the story of Ibraheem (AS) and Ismail (AS) building the Kaabah. We also looked up of some images of the Kiswah covering on the internet.

I made up this ryhme for the boys as we put on towel ihraams and did our mock hajj.

Hajj Ryhme

We made puppets of our entire family in ihraam using templates from Jannah Steps. I printed a reduced size of the puppets for the three boys. Our puppets we glued onto toilet paper rolls.

It was hard to stop the children from just coloring the puppet’s ihraam. I took the opportunity to explain about ihraam to them. We also spoke about the difference in the male and female ihraam.

Alhamdulillah, our miniature Kaabah and family of hujjaj was displayed on our mantle.

Miniature Kaabah & hujjaj craft

 Check out Jannah Steps for more hajj themed activities and templates Insha-Allah.

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Absence – A dry skin dilemma

I have not been posting for months now. There is a lot to share, just that I have not made the time.

I have been through a cycle of major sleep deprivation and thus totally zombied. The culprit: ECZEMA. I was only the secondary victim. The real sufferer was Zakariyya (3).

This was my itch kit. All sorts of moisturising creams, prescription steroid creams, natural oils, bandages . . . .

The poor child was practically hurting himself by scratching. He could not sleep due to his itch. We have even had to bandage his arms and legs to stop him from scratching. After blood tests and an allergy test, Alhamdulillah, Zakariyya was not reacting to anything in his food or environment. It was just plain old dry skin condition that breaks into an inflammation. He has extremely dry skin which makes him vulnerable.

It was a very trying and frustrating time for us as parents. Many a times, nothing really helped in relieving his itch. Alhamdulillah with lots of dua and a switch to more natural herbal treatment, Zakariyya’s eczema is under control.

These are some of the things we are currently using on his skin:

1. Almond oil for general moisturising

2. A blend of natural oils specific for eczema. You can mix your own or purchase a blend from natural food stores.

3. A bath scrub made of moong bean flour, chick pea flour, a little turmeric and yoghurt/milk. This is just a traditional East Indian bath scrub. Ironically I used it on my children when they were babies, then forgot all about it!



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