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stART – Popcorn Snowman

With all the snow we had, I thought this will be an appropriate book for a craft this week. We will be participating in stART after such a long time. I miss crafting with the children as often as we had in the past. stART is a good motivation for that 🙂

The children enjoyed reading this book and spotting all the different items that went on the snowman. This was a good introduction to the kinds of things we can put out in our backyard to attract birds.

We did try building a snowman, unfortunately the snow was too powdery. When it was good for rolling, the temperature was already in two digits Subhanallah, that it was just melting away.

We just went ahead and made popcorn snowman instead using the recipe provided in the back flap of this book.

Popping the kernels was a fun thing. We counted all the way to 64 before the first kernel popped. The children were just so thrilled about the popping sound that came out of the pot.

Pot of popcorn

This ended up being a very tasty craft. The boys were so busy eating the sweetened popcorn that they only managed to roll a few popcorn balls! Also you have to work quickly as the syrup hardens very fast.

We assembled the snowman on a skewer. It was rather tricky to attach any sort of finishing to the snowman due to the bumps on the popcorn ball. Here are our tasty snowman.

Popcorn ball snowman


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