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stART – Daisy Comes Home

I decided on this book as we were heading out for the agricultural show in our city this week and chickens probably will be on display. Also we have been doing activities around birds.

This book as every other Jan Brett book, is just so beautifully illustrated. We talked a little about the location and cultural setting of this story. Also there are hidden animals amongst the mountainous backdrop through out this book. Ilyaas (4) absolutely enjoyed spotting and guessing the hidden animals.

Ilyaas was also able to recall the cormorants from The Story of Ping.

For this book, we made a very simple craft. The idea was fromĀ here.










We also talked about some of the things a chicken might eat and added some corn, some worm and flies (clove with drawn in wings).

This book presented the opportunity to have a discussion on treating smaller, weaker beings kindly and fairly. In our house this sometimes is the issue between the younger two boys.

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[Pegboard] Geoboard

During spring break my husband and the little ones were ill. Out of need to occupy Ibraheem (9), I got him a whole bunch of nuts and bolts and a sheet of pegboard and set him down with this project. Original idea was from Filth Wizardry. Ibraheem made two boards. Each measuring about 24 X 24 inches with 121 bolts on each.







Ilyaas (4) and Zakariyya (3) just got down to experimenting with shapes and it certainly helped in keeping their thoughts away from feeling sick.

Ibraheem has taken up to creating words and pictures on his geoboard.

Default design - a masjid

Insha-Allah we are hoping to further explore geometric patterns using these geoboards.


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