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Hajj themed books for children

Recently I was in a halaqah and shared a story from one of the books I had bought for Ibraheem (10) just this past Zulhijjah month. Instantly I had queries about the book and other English language children’s books that centres around Hajj. Insha-Allah I hope the information below will be helpful to other parents looking for books.

Books and poster below are from a company called Flowers of Islam.

Hajj resources from Flowers of Islam

Hajj resources from Flowers of Islam

The two books are designed to be a sort of textbook and an accompanying workbook. My Book of Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha is very comprehensive in that it covers the history of hajj, the steps in doing hajj tamattu, the significance of each ritual, the lessons from hajj, eidul adha and udhiya.

What I also found very helpful was that this book has stories of various incidents in the life of Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalaam rather than only those directly related to hajj. This helps highlight the noble character of Ibrahim Alaihissalaam. It also presents information and interesting facts on the Holy Kaabah itself. There is a section on the last sermon of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihiwasallam and Madina as well.

The activity book has corresponding activities based on the textbook. I used what was best suited to the learning style of my child. This year I emphasized on poems about hajj with Ibraheem (10). Masha-Allah this books has quite a few in it.

Overall I was very pleased with these books. It is an all in one hajj teaching and learning package. I would think it best suits children between 7 and 12.

The third item on the picture is a lift-the-flap type poster on Qurbani. Each flap has qurbani related info in it. It also features a maze on the back of it. It is a wonderful poster to have on hand even when explaining Udhiya. My only complain about it is that the flaps are quite flimsy. I would have liked something sturdier.

The next two books are more of an enrichment material.

Hajj themed books

After Ramadhan Moon, I had to get Road to Mecca by Na’ima Roberts. Each page invites you to join the pilgrim. Invitation after invitation to join the journey, to dress as the pilgrim, to gaze the black stone and so on until the pilgrims return home.

My favourite page, the tawaf; “Stand with the pilgrims, as they face the Ka’bah.” Simple words that captures the essence of one ummah, believing in one Creator.

The collage style illustrations is this books is super engaging for children. Ibraheem(10) was having fun figuring out how the various images might have been put together.

The other treasure that I came across this year was A Little Tree Goes for Hajj by Eman Salem. I bought this book at our local Islamic school book fair. The author is a fellow Calgarian 🙂 Masha-Allah it is wonderful to see books like these coming out of my very own community.

This book is both in Arabic and English. There is a two page spread diagram of all the rituals of hajj. This provides the opportunity to discuss each act.

We always told our children that plants are constantly engaged in the remembrance of Allah. To read a book about a tree performing hajj was not a stretch in our home. Even though hajj is the main theme, the book also tells the poignant story of friendship. The author cleverly slipped in subtle lessons on respect for elders and parents, believing in the power of dua’ and gratefullness.

You can read more about the book and its author at

Compass Books

Review by Barb Jenicek


Ilyaas (5) and Zakariyya (4) absolutely enjoyed this book. They have since been crafting ideas to bring Bubbles and Snowy (our Beta fish) on a hajj trip!!!

There are other hajj books here.


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