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Hajj – kids craft

Crafts we did just this past hajj season.

Hajj Mobile



These were made using Smart Ark hajj activity print out. While Ilyaas (5) and Zakariyya (4) coloured, we had the opportunity to discuss the various hajj rituals. We attached the picture to paper plates cut into half.

In the first picture we used strings to glue the pictures onto. In the second one, we used pipe cleaners and stapled the pictures. The pipe cleaner option was better in that the pictures always faced up when it was pinned to the wall.

Hajj Wheel

This was another craft we made using the instructions and template from The Muslim Connection hajj page.

Hajj Lego Diorama

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 11.15.09 AM

This was Ibraheem’s (10) project. Again building each location gave us time to have a conversation of the origin and significance of each act of hajj.


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Eidul Adha Treat Bags

Just this past Eidul Adha my children wanted to give out treats to their classmate. Fortunately for us this year, their teachers really embraced the idea of it.

Ibraheem’s (10) treat bags contained Malaysian coconut candies; his favourite Eid sweet. Ilyaas’ (5) treat bags has all sorts of mini candies, thanks to it being Halloween season as well.

Coconut candies in wrap

Coconut candies in wrap


The green paper bags were from the craft store. I used craft punches and ribbons to decorate. The colourful Eid tag are from the sister at Sew Chic & Unique. Those were for Ibraheem’s class.

I did not want to spend too much on the bags for Ilyaas’ class but still wanted them to look cute. I found the brown paper bag idea at Lulu The Baker. I made the template and ran the bags through the printer. I didn’t even have to tape the edges. They turned out so pretty Masha-Allah. I even used the leftover supplies to make farewell goody bags for the ladies at my story telling class.

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