Hajj related videos

21 Jan

My apologies – still posting hajj related ideas . . . in Rabiul-Awwal!

Here are a couple of videos that we watched the last Zulhijjah.

Journey to Mecca – In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta

1) Official website of the Imax movie Journey of Mecca.

2) Copy of the video at

We first watched this in Imax format some years ago in Edmonton. It was a truly amazing video on the ordeal and challenges of Ibn Battuta and many in the past took to make the pilgrimage of hajj. Some if these struggles still applies today. It is a story of reliance and trust in Allah, friendship and believing in oneself.

NOTE: Just as the movie starts, the narrator says that Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam built the Kaabah in gratitude for Allah saving his family. It will have to be reinforced that building of the Kaabah was an order to Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam.

This video also gives the opportunity to introduce Ibn Battuta, the great Muslim traveller. We used a map to trace Ibn Battuta’s journey from Morocco to Mecca, the planned route and the actual.

This picture book by James Rumford serves as a good introduction of Ibn Battuta. It documents all of his travels until his death. I love the calligraphy that was done by Rumford himself. Every page has so much to offer, there was always this or that that the children wanted to know more about. Even the cover, just look at the calligraphy on the horse.
The Story of Hajjar
I first stumbled upon this video when I was looking for resources on Islam and water. Reason; was trying to teach the children about not wasting water.
You can get more information on the water conservation initiative of which this video is part of at Green Prophet.
The story of Hajjar Alaihis Salaam and the lesson on water it sets to present is brought to life with animation done by Amir Al-Zubi and Meliha Al-Zubi. Who wouldn’t love their adorable animation Masha-Allah!
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