Tin Punch Lantern (Fanoos)

09 Jul

This was a craft inspired by the art of tin punch. This is a kid friendly version for Ramadan.

Tin Punch Fanoos


1. Pie tin, design to punch that fits into pie tin, paper piercer (or push pin), sticky tape and a battery operated candle


2. Cut out the design to fit into the pie tin and tape it down.

3. Pierce holes following the design, space out holes evenly. Remember to protect your work surface.

4. Tape the battery operated candle to the inside of the pie tin.

Tin Punch Fanoos25. Add any other decoration to the other side of the pie tin. In our case we added some star stickers and pipe cleaners around the rim. This way it will look nice during the day as well.

Tin Punch Fanoos 1

These were made by Ilyaas & Zakariyya


This was pirced by me and I placed a large battery operated candle behind it.


6. Hang up and enjoy your lantern (fanoos).


This craft is designed for the pie tin to be hung or placed up againts a wall or other flat surface. The light from the candle will fill up the space between the tin and the wall and illuminate the punched design. It will not work as well if you are planning to just randomly hang it up without enclosing the back of the tin.



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