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Activities and resources on hajj

Dhulhijjah 1431H/2010 – Zam Zam

As part of our hajj lesson we also did some studying around Zam Zam water. The following were the resources we used.

This books gives a brief introduction of Ibrahim A.S before carrying on to the story of Ismail A.S and his mother in the desert and eventually the gushing of Zam Zam.

This is a truly amazing CD made by Sister Maryam. The 3rd and 4th track of this CD is on history of Zam Zam water. You can purchase this CD as well as other works by the same author at Nur Al Qasas.

This you tube video also covers the history of Zam Zam.

There are also more material on the history of Zam Zam at Islamic Landmarks.

NOTE: Each of the above resource sited a different meaning for the word Zam Zam – Allah knows best. I only emphasized to my children that it is the name of the water rather than lingering on the linguistic meaning of the word Zam Zam.

Zam Zam Diorama

Using playdoh we made two orange hills; meaning to be Safa and Marwah. The white squiggly structure in the middle is suppose to be Zam Zam water gushing out 🙂

Drinking Zam Zam

Before drinking Zam Zam, we briefly discussed the etiquette on drinking it. This is basically facing the kiblah, saying Bismillah before drinking, taking three sips and making the dua below after drinking Zam Zam.

O Allah, I am asking You for beneficial knowledge and abundance in provision, and cure from every ailment.

You might also like to check out this wonderful Zam Zam poster at Iman’s Home School.

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Dhulhijjah 1431H/2010 Activities

Hajj Bulletin Board

Alhamdulillah I was able to make this with resources from Islamic Bulletin Boards. I mounted my on a magnetic board. All the day by day pieces and little hajj ritual pieces had magnetic strips attached to them.

I printed the map onto a paper bag as per the suggestion on the blog. To achieve a more aged and weathered look, I burnt the edges with a candle and incense stick. I also stamped all over the map using an “antique” scrapbooking ink pad.

In the event you cannot print onto a brown paper, print as usual on a white piece of paper. Soak a bag of tea bag in cool water. Lightly squeeze the tea bag and use it to stain the paper.

Miniature Ka’bah

Ka’bah made out of a box, wrapping paper and glitter glue.

Mini Hajj

This was a last minute idea. We reenacted the rites and rituals of hajj. Here are some of the pictures of them.

Using two white bath towels, the children adorned the ihraam.

This was our Safa and Marwah hills for Sa’ee. Made them using foams.

Collecting ramy for pelting of the jamrah (coloured pebbles from craft store). DS1 enthusiastically pelting the Shaitaan.

Mount of Mercy at Arafah (a whole bunch of throw pillows covered in a blanket over top a huge bean bag).

Sacrificing a lamb on 10th Dhulhijjah. Again using lots of imagination . . . the white tub and the two pillows make the body of the lamb. The cylindrical tub . . . the head. And the knife is on the lamb’s neck.

Through out this exercise we talked about and discussed the significance and/or origin of the rituals.

Mini Hajj Passport

To facilitate our Mini Hajj I made these passports using the Hajj Day by Day lapbook template from Umm Abdul Basir’s blog. I printed the pages using the Booklet Printing option. I stamped “Haj” on each days page using rubber stamp (bottom right circle) when we completed all the rituals for the day.

Postcards from Hajj Trip

Using blank template from Umm Abdul Basir’s Ramadhan postcard and real pictures from Islamic Landmarks we created these. They were meant for the little hujjajs to send to family and friends.

I showed the children the pictures of the actually places of the hajj rituals using Islamic Landmarks. It is a great website that not only shows the picture but also give a background information as well as hadith pertaining to the locations and the rites.

Reading on Hajj & Eid

A very cute book that has a rhyme to it. It goes through all the rituals of hajj very well. Has additional questions and suggestions as well.


This books talks more about the actual sacrificing of Ibraheem A.S of his son. It brings up the aspect of fear of the child of actually being sacrificed on Eid day.


This is a wonderful story of thoughtfulness, sacrifice and sharing. Reinforces the spirit of Eid very well. Definitely a good read for children and adults.

The Goodword Books

I also printed the ABC’s of Hajj from Umm Abdul Basir’s blog.


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