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Isra’ Mi’raj Lapbook

This is a lapbook we made last year Alhamdulillah. I just realized that I had not posted it.

This lapbook was made with my DS1 when he was 7 1/2 years old. I chose to base the entire lapbook on a Sahih Muslim hadith about Rasulullah’s (SAW) night journey. I know there were many other individuals he (SAW) met and places he (SAW) visited. The details I set out to cover was more on the basics of the journey itself, the meeting of Rasullullah (SAW) with other anbiyaa (AS) and the order of salaah. Insha-Allah, I plan to add more details of the journey as my son gets older.

This is our lapbook on Isra’ Al-Mi’raj

Cover of the lapbook showing a map of the journey as well as the Quranic verse about the journey. The map is actually a pocket that houses the Sahih Muslim hadith on Isra' Mi'raj.


The entire inside flap of the lapbook


Sequence of what Jibraeel (AS) did before the journey


Description of the 'vehicle'; buraaq


Details of the 'Isra' part of the journey


Details of the 'Mi'raj' part of the journey


What happened in Masjidul Al-Aqsa


Ascension to heavens and anbiyaas (AS) met


All about Bait Al-Makmoor in the 7th heaven


Order of salaah. Part of the hadith pertaining to salaah is pasted below the cloud.


Sidratul Muntaha, its descriptions


What happened the next morning; mockery by Abu Jahl and affirmation by Abu Bakr (RA). The hadith are laminated and placed in a CD pouch.


Below is the entire template I created for this lapbook.

Isra Mikraj Lapbook Template

I am not entirely happy with the layout of our lapbook. I wanted to make it in sequence, however ended up with something that looks rather unorganized. I would love to see anyone of your lapbooks on this topic Insha-Allah, especially if you choose to use our template. Appreciate it if you could leave a comment with your URL below.


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Dracula and the army of the Ottomon Empire

I mentioned “Dracula” in my Halloween mini book. On Saturday morning, reading the newspaper I came upon Looking For The RealDracula in our local newspaper travel section. Naturally I wanted to know more.

What a discovery it was to know that “Dracula” is not only a blood thirsty legend but also a national hero. All this was for the way he tortured captured members of the advancing Ottomon Empire army and subsequently frightened them away from his kingdom. This proofs that to learn others history might just let you understand your own a little better. Insya-Allah find out more from the article itself.


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Hadith on Pumpkin

Hadith on Pumpkin

The above hadith can be read and discussed as a family together with the Halloween mini book. Insya-Allah there are many pumpkin recipes out there to be made. Also children can do copywork of the hadith on pumpkin shaped writing paper.

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Time to Pray by Maha Addasi

When I borrowed White Nights of Ramadhan from our local library, I further searched for more titles by Maha Addasi. I found Time to Pray. What a gem of a book this is.

I used this book as a follow up on the Adhaan topic that we did. In this story a little girl visits her grandma in a Middle East country. During her stay, she hears the adhaan from the minaret nearby. The story weaves the the call of adhaan, actions of wudhu, salaat, times of salaat and the sweet relationship between grandma and the little girl very well.

It was a sweet story that my son was able to identify with at many levels. Excitement of visiting grandma, struggles of waking up for Fajr, prayer cloth – he sees me wearing one, adhaan clock definitely. It was a wonderful book for sure.

This book has beautiful illustrations done by Ned Gannon as with White Nights of Ramadan. The nice thing about this book is that each page had Arabic translation of the story. Great for parents who are looking for Arabic reading material.

On a personal level, this book brought back memories of me growing up hearing the adhaan, climbing up the minaret and now, yes having an adhaan clock to remind me of salaat times (makes me want to cry).


The State Mosque, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


I lived just down the street from this unique mosque, hearing the adhaan five times a day. In fact every morning before fajr you can actually hear Quran recitation over the speakers.

I was sent to after school madrasah at the Jamek Mosque below.


Masjid Jamek, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


As children my brothers and I played tag around the minaret waiting for our alim to come. In those days people could climb up the minaret. They didn’t call the adhaan from up there even back then thanks to speakers.

In the Time to Pray book the little girl is disappointed by this fact. My son actually asked the same question about the muezzin climbing up he minaret. Insya-Allah our next trip to Malaysia, I’ll have to take him to the Jamek Mosque even though he will not be able to climb up the minaret!

We also made a minaret craft out of paper towel rolls as an extension activity for this book.


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History of Adhaan

The sister at Lollies Place has a wonderful post on this topic. Another place you will find this story in the the Grade 2 syllabus at Teach Islam.

When I read these to my son, it was not as interesting as there were no pictures. I made a document with the hadith with just some simple pictures to accompany the story. You can Insya-Allah access it here.

Adhaan Story

The sister at Lollies Place also has a wonderful video on the miracle of adhaan in Malay. I have inserted one with English subtitles here.

Insya-Allah  we are planning to use a map/globe to track the call of adhaan around the globe using this video. It will be a great geography activity for sure.


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We read this book that basically talked about the concern of the owl in waking up the farmer and his family for Fajr prayer. It has a very simple repetitive story line which makes it easy for early readers. It also has some suggested learning activities.

Cutest part – owl cries out of frustration of not being to wake up anyone for Fajr (Subhanallah the concern that this owl had!)

Part that my son didn’t like – owl asking wolf to “devour” the fox. Change the words and it’ll be fine Insya-Allah.

We did sequencing of adhaan phrases to supplement this book.

Sorting Adhaan Phrases

I printed of the phrases of adhaan from here. This is an upload of the book Taleemul Haq. It also has the mustahabs of adhaan that we discussed.

Cut each phrase of the adhaan. Line enough paper clips on a larger sheet of paper or manilla cardboard. Ask child to rearrange the phrases of adhaan in sequence.

Since the story was on Fajr prayer, it gave us an opportunity to discuss the phrase “Salaah is better than sleep” and place it in order as well.


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