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[Pegboard] Geoboard

During spring break my husband and the little ones were ill. Out of need to occupy Ibraheem (9), I got him a whole bunch of nuts and bolts and a sheet of pegboard and set him down with this project. Original idea was from Filth Wizardry. Ibraheem made two boards. Each measuring about 24 X 24 inches with 121 bolts on each.







Ilyaas (4) and Zakariyya (3) just got down to experimenting with shapes and it certainly helped in keeping their thoughts away from feeling sick.

Ibraheem has taken up to creating words and pictures on his geoboard.

Default design - a masjid

Insha-Allah we are hoping to further explore geometric patterns using these geoboards.


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Lego Mosque

I registered Ibraheem (9) for a Lego contest at our local library. The rule was to build something that was not bigger than 2X2 feet and not something that came out of a kit.

Ibraheem was so excited about the whole affair. He researched, imagined and planned some brilliant designs. He set out to build this super aircraft. Something that looked like it was out of a Star Wars movie.

Subhanallah, he did build an aircraft . . . that got promptly shot down by the evil forces a.k.a two younger brothers. The younger boys just could not keep their hands of it!

After several days of being awfully sad and frustrated about the whole affair, Ibraheem’s mind switched into its default setting. “I am gonna build a masjid!” he announced. Alhamdulillah this was what he created.

Ibraheem's Lego masjid

Masjid dome

We did not have similar colour blocks to create a uniform dome. The instructions for the dome was from the YouTube video below.


It was wonderful to see all of the quite imaginative creation that was displayed. The child who won the contest, built a multi teared treehouse like structure with all sorts of Lego man running around in it. It was some sort of war zone.

As for Ibraheem, he was proud of what he had built. He represented his creation well and answered questions from viewers and judges quite confidently. He was analysing all the other creations there for ideas and is geared up to enter another competition. When we got home, he was duly rewarded $10 by his Papa for his efforts 🙂


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Pattern Blocks

Alhamdulillah we received our pattern blocks. This was from Scholar’s Choice.

These are some website that has pattern block templates.

1. Prekinders has templates of various animals.

Jazakillah to Umm Tafari at River City Homeschoolers for the link above.

2. Making Learning Fun has an alphabet template.

Insha-Allah I plan to use pattern blocks as an additional activity for topics that we do. An example of this is the recent pattern block date tree. These foam pattern blocks are also magnetic. As much as there are templates, I want the children to be able to manipulate these blocks and create their own pattern. Being magnetic, it is great for moving around and experimenting on the fridge door.

Making block pattern "Transformers" apparently 🙂

I also found this wonderful masjid pattern block template. These are patterns for some well known masjids around the world. More for older children.

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Dates Mini Book & Pattern Block

Following our cooking venture with dates, I thought I will do a little book compiling a few hadith/stories on dates. The website AlMiskeenah has got a whole category dedicated to dates. There are some wonderful photographs of dates trees as well as varieties of the fruits. We browsed through this website to look at the pictures and talked about a few of the hadith on dates.

Here are some pictures of our little dates book.

Cover with a hadith about dates

This is the cover with a date related hadith. It is from Umm Abdul Basir’s Creative Corner.

Ayahs in the Qur'an that mentions dates

Hadith on tahneek & date tree

Story of boy who threw stones at a date tree

Story of crying date tree

I thought DS2 was most astonished when he learnt that the first food he ever ate was dates! He also was fascinated by the crying date tree story.

Date tree pattern block

I made this date tree pattern block template with a hadith on it using printables I found at Teacher Vison Canada. Insha-Allah I have ordered some pattern blocks and hopefully we will be able to use them for this template.


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