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Autumn Leaf Activities


Golden leaves outside our home


Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. We get to witness another phase of the cycle of life Subhanallah. I have been doing preschool activities centered around leaves with DS2. Some of the activities we did.


Leaf rubbing


We placed the leaf on the wrong side below the white paper to get a bolder tracing of the leaf. Using a thicker crayon or using the sides rather than the tip of the crayon also helps.


Leaf sorting


We sorted the leaves based on colour. The one leaf sitting on the side had all the colours on it and DS2 just didn’t want to group it with anything else 🙂

Both these activities and other extension of them are in the book Teach Me To Do It Myself by Maja Pitamic.

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Wild Flowers

Praise be to Allah the All Mighty that there are signs of His greatness everywhere around us. This was a message I wanted to instill in my DS without really sitting down and reading books about it but rather getting up and looking around. We just didn’t have to venture too far. It was all there in the hill that backed our yard, SubhanAllah!

This was a project I did with my DS to symbolize what my Amma did with me. I wanted to make a little scrapbook of the wild flowers in our “backyard” as a gift for NanniMa from DS during my trip to Malaysia in November, Insya-Allah.

We went on a little nature walk picking wild flowers and taking photographs of them. We identified them using a book we got from the local library. Later we glued them on paper and wrote down their common names. We talked about their colours, common uses and their sometimes weird names.

P1020500 P1020505 P1020512 P1020518 P1020521 P1020539 P1020531 P1020529 P1020532 P1020535

Of course we also discussed about how Allah sustains all these plants without nobodies helps. And how these plants actually show us the greatness of Allah.

Book Resource :

Prairie Beauty – Wildflowers of the Canadian Prairies by Neil L. Jennings

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Growing tomatoes . . . with kids

This summer that just went by I decided to try AGAIN my luck at planting tomatoes. This time we got some paint pails, drilled some holes at the bottom, poured some Miracle Grow potting mix and planted some tomatoes plants. The variety we tried was called “Sugar Snack”. The are basically Cherry Tomatoes that you can toss into salads.

Tomato plants in the backyard

Planting then in these buckets allowed us to move them around when it got way too hot. To be honest they did better in a partly shaded location even though the were labelled “full sun”. Here we talked about how plants need sunlight to grow. Yet they also can die if there was too much of it.

Fruits of labour - tomatoes Ripened Tomatoes

This is how the fruits looked on the actual plant. It was a great motivator for DS as well as me seeing so many fruits at one time. This is why I highly recommend this variety for parents with kids who just can’t wait to harvest fruits. They really get excited about it. DS enjoyed picking them and giving them to all our neighbours and also his favourite aunties. And yes we tossed them in our salad!

Plant growth cycle Elements needed for plants to grow

I took the opportunity to teach DS all about how plants grow with a chalk sketch on our fence. What plants need to grow and who ultimately controls everything. I used Asma al-Husna to teach the attributes of Allah. Al-Muhyi (The Giver of Life) and Al-Mumeet (The Giver of Death). You will notice that I had written “Al-Mateen” – my mistake . . . got carried away trying to write well with a chalk!!!

Alhamdulillah – overall our tomatoes trials was well paid off this year.

Book Resource:

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